MATH 190 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers




A study of selected topics in mathematics designed to give future elementary teachers an appreciation of the power, beauty and importance of mathematics. Topics studied include problem solving, number systems, geometry and statistics. This course does not normally count for credit in science programs. It is intended for students who plan on entering an education program for elementary school teachers.


Math Placement Test (MPT); or MATH 097; or MATH 091 or BMTH 043 with a minimum B grade; or MATH 096 with a minimum C- grade; or BMTH 044 with a minimum C+ grade; or MATH 123 or BMTH 048 or Pre-calculus 11 or Principles of Math 11 or Foundations of Math 11 or Applications of Math 11 with a minimum C grade

Course Notes

MATH 190 is an approved Numeracy course for Cap Core requirements. MATH 190 is an approved Science and Technology course for Cap Core requirements. MATH 190 is an approved Quantitative/Analytical course for baccalaureate degrees. MATH 190 is an approved Science course.

Students who have taken, received transfer credit for, or are currently taking MATH 108 or MATH 116 may not take MATH 190 for credit without the permission of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. MATH 190 requires preparation for, and participation in, a SNAP Math Fair to be held at the University outside of regularly scheduled class time. Attendance at the Math Fair is mandatory.

Course Outlines

Please note: Course outlines of record posted may vary from the section syllabus distributed by each instructor (e.g. textbooks, assignments, timing of midterms).


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