The annual budget process

Capilano University's annual budget process provides our roadmap for spending from year-to-year.

The budget process is established by the University Act and executed by the Board policy governing the budget. The University Act requires the Board of Governors to annually produce a balanced budget.

Why budget?

Capilano University's annual budget outlines our financial plans for the fiscal year, which runs from April to March.

What factors affect the budget?

A number of factors affect the budget, including:

  • Government funding
  • Student demand for programs, courses and services
  • Strategic Plan outcomes/commitments
  • Labour settlements
  • Inflationary increases
  • Operating costs
  • Investment returns
  • Contracts
  • International student recruitment

More information

If you have questions or want to know more about Capilano University's budget process, please email financetraining@capilanou.ca.