Capilano University Board of Governors elections are run by the Registrar's Office.


For definitions and election rules and procedures, please see the Capilano University Board Election Procedures (pdf).

As per the University Act, the Board of Governors is composed of:

(a) the chancellor;
(b) the president; 
(c) 2 faculty members elected by the faculty members; 
(d) 8 persons appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, 2 of whom are to be appointed from among persons nominated by the alumni association; 
(e) 2 students elected from students who are members of an undergraduate student society or a graduate student society; 
(f) one person elected by and from the employees of the university who are not faculty members.

For more information about the Board of Governors Elections, please contact the Assistant to the Registrar at 604-990-7846 or registrarassistant@capilanou.ca

For all other Board of Governors information, please direct all correspondence and/or enquiries to the Executive Assistant to the Board of Governors, Lesley Cook, at lesleycook@capilanou.ca.