Starting post-secondary education is a big step for students and their families. CapU can help families move successfully through this important transition.

It’s natural to feel excitement and pride in your student’s achievements. It’s also natural to feel some anxiety.

You have a vital role to play supporting your son or daughter at this stage in their life. The information here will help you prepare for this important role and transition.

Getting started

If your son or daughter is still in high school, this is a good time to register for a Parents as Career Coaches workshop. You'll learn how to coach and support your student while they consider their career goals and post-secondary choices.

In their final years of high school, you’ll probably want to learn as much as you can about Capilano University. On this site you'll find a whole section of content devoted to doing just that, called Get Started.

You can discover what makes CapU a great choice for your young student on the Why Choose CapU? page. Then explore our Areas of Study and browse through our programs and courses for a taste of the broad range of educational opportunities CapU has to offer.  

Next, download or request a Viewbook. The Viewbook gives a broad overview of CapU's programs and admission requirements, as well as insights into the supports available to help your student be successful in their education and their time at CapU.

And to see first-hand what it’s like to study here, attend an "Explore CapU Info Night," sign up for a tour of our North Vancouver campus, or attend a program-specific info session. Find out more at Visit CapU.

If you want to learn about how best to support your new CapU student, register and attend a Parent and Supporter Orientation event.

And if you or your student would like guidance when deciding on education options, don’t hesitate to talk to an advisor.

Tips for parents and supporters of new students

University is very different from high school and it’s not unusual for parents to worry about their new student.

Be prepared for changes and be ready to shift your role to that of mentor or guide. Encourage your student to be independent, and to get involved with student clubs and events in the Campus Community.

As they take on more challenges and responsibility, your student may surprise you. Be flexible, don’t panic and keep the conversation going. Most often the changes are a normal part of becoming an adult, but it’s also possible they need help.

Be familiar with the range of Academic Support and resources for personal health and wellness available to CapU students. If you see them struggling, you’ll be able to gently point them in the right direction.

Knowing the timing of important things such as registration for courses and the final exam schedule means you won’t have to rely on your student to tell you. It also means you can check in if you think they may not be aware of an important date coming up. View the Registration Dates page to keep tabs on upcoming dates and deadlines. 

Please be aware that because of privacy laws, we can only release student information such as grades and fees to your student. You can find out more on the Student Confidentiality page. So keep the lines of communication open with your student and trust that they'll learn to manage these new adult responsibilities. 

And to keep track of what’s happening at CapU through the year, you can follow us on Facebook.