Sponsored Student Information

When an external organization or agency covers all or a portion of an individual student’s tuition and fees, it is called sponsorship billing.  The University must be informed when sponsorship is taking place so that the contract can be initiated.

Sponsor Letter

Formal sponsorship is based on a letter from the sponsoring organization committing to a legal contract with Capilano University on behalf of the student.  The sponsorship letter releases the student from any financial obligation and confirms that financial responsibility is accepted by the sponsor.  The sponsor letter should be sent to Student Financial Accounts by fax, 604 984 1723, or emailed to sfa@capilanou.ca

Agencies who wish to sponsor students have two options:

  1. Complete CapU’s Sponsorship Billing Application Form Sponsorship Billing Form
  2. Submit a letter
    1. Letters must be on the organization’s letterhead and must include the following information:
      1. Sponsor name, address, phone number, contact person, and authorized signature
      2. Student(s) name(s) and student number(s)
      3. Duration of sponsorship (i.e., Fall/Spring terms, year)
      4. The specific costs being covered by the sponsor (i.e., tuition/fees, textbooks and supplies, residence)
      5. The maximum allowable amount the sponsor is willing to pay for each specific cost being covered
      6. Release of Information form signed by the student being sponsored

When should sponsorship documents be submitted?

The University requires a letter from the sponsor in order to set up the contract.  Sponsor letters must be received by Student Financial Accounts prior to the deadlines listed below.

Fall term (September–December)

July 31

Spring term (January–April)

November 30

Summer term (May-August)

March 31

How it works:

  1. Once the Cashier’s Office receives a sponsor letter, a fee deferral is automatically placed on the student’s account.
  2. The Cashier’s Office will send an invoice to the sponsoring agency after the Add/Drop period of each term.

What are the payment terms, and what happens if payments are late?

An invoice requesting payment will be submitted to the sponsor according to the timelines listed below.  Invoices are due upon receipt.  If payment will be delayed, please contact the Cashier’s Office at 604 984 1786 in order to make sure the student is not penalized with late payments. 

Fall term (September–December)

September 30

Spring term (January–April)

January 31

Summer term (May-August)

May 31

What is the student’s responsibility?

  • Ensure the sponsor letter is received by the Cashier’s Office within the prescribed deadlines.
  • Pay any tuition and fees not covered by the sponsor before the fee payment deadline. Students can log in to their myCapU account and check their Account Summary by Term to see what isn’t covered by their sponsor. How to Pay - Choices 
  • Students who already have extended health and dental coverage and want to opt-out of the CSU Health and Dental Plan must do so before the deadline. Students who do not opt-out before the deadline will be responsible for the fees. 
  • Any academic updates/transcripts are submitted to the sponsor as required.
  • Ensure enrollment in the minimum number of courses as required by the sponsor prior to the end of the Add/Drop period.

What is the sponsor’s responsibility?

  • Ensure the sponsor letter is received by the Cashier’s Office within the prescribed deadlines
  • Ensure that invoices are paid in a timely manner
  • That when there are changes in the sponsorship, whether it be who is sponsored, for what periods, or what charges are covered, the Cashier’s office is informed promptly
  • When payments are sent to the Cashier’s Office, the invoice number is indicated. If another method of payment is preferred by the sponsoring agency, please contact the Cashier’s Office at 604 984 1786.
  • CapU can accept payment in either Canadian or US funds (no other foreign currency is accepted). All US funds received by CapU will be converted to Canadian funds using the daily exchange rate provided by the CapU Finance office on the date that CapU processes the payment.  CapU cannot use the exchange rate provided by the sponsor. 
  • When setting a sponsorship contract dollar limit (if applicable), the sponsor can only set dollar limits in Canadian funds – any foreign currency limits will be converted into Canadian funds as CapU can only assess tuition and fees in Canadian funds. Please email sfa@capilanou.ca if you have any questions on foreign currencies and exchange rates. 

What is the Student Accounts’ responsibility?

  • Upon receiving a sponsor letter, a fee deferral will be applied to the student’s account.
  • Invoices will be sent on a regular basis.

Tax Receipts

Please be advised that, in keeping with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, it is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to issue a T4A tax receipt to their sponsored students. Capilano University does not provide this form.