Carpooling reduces the number of single occupancy cars arriving at the campus each day and decreases the strain on our limited parking resources.

A carpool group consists of three or more people who would otherwise bring their individual vehicles to campus and are travelling to campus in one vehicle in lieu of their individual vehicles.

The University considers the carpool parking areas and permits to be a service of the University. Registered carpool groups have the advantage of seeking parking in designated and free parking spaces on Campus.

Any observed breach, obstruction or misuse of the carpool area or permit will result in all members of the group forfeiting their carpool privileges for the remainder of the current term plus the following term and will be subject to ticketing and towing of the vehicle.

For more information about available carpool parking, download our Campus Map (pdf).

It is the responsibility of each carpool member to perform their own due diligence in researching and following recommendations for participation in a carpool.  

Capilano University and/or Indigo are not responsible for ensuring the quality of or licensing of drivers who join a carpool group or for ensuring the vehicles of participants are roadworthy or adequately insured.  

Each carpool member is responsible for their own continual review of insurance papers to ensure adequate coverage is carried for all carpool drivers and passengers including underinsured motorist protection coverage.  

It is also advisable to discuss and/or review the driving records and driving habits of your co-members.  

Insurance-related questions must be directed to the member's ICBC Agent.

The Carpool Rules are printed on the Carpool ePermit application:

  1. Arrive on Campus together, in one vehicle, at the carpool parking area, and exit the vehicle together.
  2. Absolutely no drop-offs or in & out privileges are permitted - there must be at least 3 members in the vehicle upon arrival.
  3. If there are not 3 members in the car you cannot enter a carpool space but must use general pay parking and pay the posted daily rate for that zone.
  4. Vehicles with less than three members observed parking, stopping, waiting, entering or otherwise occupying a carpool parking space will be subject to ticketing and/or towing.  All members of the group will lose their carpool privileges for the remainder of the term plus the following term.  The University's Carpool Parking ePermit will be revoked upon any violation of carpool rules.

Complete one carpool application form (pdf) for the entire group.

Each applicant must:

  • Provide their personal contact information and up to 2 license plate numbers to associate with the permit.
  • Sign the agreement to acknowledge they have read and understood it, the declaration clause, the hold harmless clause, and agree to abide by the carpool rules, general parking rules and their own responsibility to perform their own due diligence in driving or being a passenger in a carpool group.
  • Attend at the Parking Services Office in Arbutus building room AR032 and present their own valid ID Cards to validate the agreement before the carpool ePermit will be issued. 

If your child carpools with you, please request the Children's Centre Manager to verify their attendance by sending an email to capilanou.ca@group-indigo.com.

Please note that all applicants for a carpool group must first be cleared of any outstanding parking notices or fines received at Capilano University. 

After all member information has been validated by Parking Services, the group will receive one carpool ePermit. The permit is associated with all license plate numbers provided on the application, therefore, is transferable between those vehicles.

Please allow up to 2 business days for processing applications.


Have questions?

Parking Services Office

604 983 7593
Arbutus Building, room AR032