4.00 credits

(4,2,0) hrs

15 wks

An introduction to computational techniques applied to Engineering problems. The primary focus of the course is on computer systems, the development of algorithms, and computer program design, implementation, and testing. The course also exposes students to the wider discipline of computer science, with topics including computer hardware and software, representation and manipulation of data, numerical analysis, and device interfaces.


COMP 106 (A) or COMP 115 (A) or Pre-calculus 12 (A) or Principles of Math 12 (A) or MATH 105 (C-) or MATH 107 (C-)

Course Notes

COMP 120 is an approved Numeracy course for Cap Core requirements. COMP 120 is an approved Quantitative/Analytical course for baccalaureate degrees. COMP 120 is an approved Science course.

This course is primarily intended for students in Engineering programs.

Course Outlines