The Capilano University Alumni (CUAA) is a global network committed to providing our graduates with life-long learning, support and inspiration.

In addition to team members within the alumni department, the Alumni Association is led by a group of dedicated volunteers who make up our Board of Directors and ensure that alumni voices are represented throughout the university.

CUAA Board of Directors

Brittany has been involved with the CapU community for over 10 years, earning her Associate of Arts (Global Stewardship) and her Bachelor of Communication Studies.

During her time as a student, she served as student union president and class valedictorian. After graduating, she remained involved with the University through alumni relations and went on to serve as Chair of the CUAA in November 2019.

In her professional life, Brittany works at Cassie + Friends Society for Juvenile Arthritis and is passionate about the intersection between non-for-profits and corporate social responsibility.

In her spare time, you can find her on a hiking trail with her dog-son Obi, talking politics, or tasting beer at a local brewery.

Emily Walmsley has 20 years of experience in the Canadian financial services industry, providing her with extensive knowledge of the credit union system, product management, marketing and leadership.

Managing the Product Compliance & Design department at Central 1 Credit Union, Walmsley and her team focus on compliance and operational forms made available through a comprehensive manuals program, which helps mitigate risk to credit unions throughout BC and Ontario.

Walmsley has served as a member of the CUAA Board of Directors since 2016. She graduated from Capilano University with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing) in 2006, followed by a Professional Communications Certificate in 2007.

In addition, she obtained the designations of Fellow of the Credit Union Institute of Canada (FCUIC) from Dalhousie University and Certified Product Manager (CPM) from the Association of International Product Marketing & Management in 2019.

An avid volunteer, Walmsley spends much of her time giving back to the community through initiatives that focus on higher learning, children's health, poverty reduction, and developing young leaders in the credit union system.

Deb Jamison, BA (UBC, Psych.), Paralegal Diploma (CapU), RISIA, has been an instructor in the School of Legal Studies at Capilano University since 2005.

She is also the Chair of the Senate Curriculum Committee, a member of Senate, the university’s immigration liaison (since 2013), and sits on the CapU Alumni Association Board. She received the Award for Excellence in Empowering Learning in 2013 and an Employee Recognition Award (Confident) in 2019. Deb was also the CapU paralegal diploma convenor for 12 years.

She re-wrote the BC Guide to Civil Litigation in 2010 (and updates it three times a year). She has worked with a few law firms since 1993 and still does contract work for Virgin Hickman. She is a current member of the BC Paralegal Association and the TLABC.

When not working, Deb enjoys traveling, doing jigsaw puzzles (the more pieces the better!) and spending time with her husband and three kids (aged 20, 22 and 24).

Laura J. Brown is an eLearning, Training and Development specialist with experience across several industries including telecommunications, banking and the tech sector.

She contributes to organizations by building and managing onboarding, employee development and certification programs on digital platforms.

In addition to being a Capilano University alumnus from the School of Business, Brown has obtained a Graduate Diploma of Technology Enhanced Learning and Design from Royal Roads University.

When she was a CapU student, she served as president of the School of Business Student Association.

Pardis Daneshyar is a Supply Chain Management Professional with a business degree from CapU.

During her studies, she was involved with the IBA (International Business Associate), CIE (Center for International Experience) and the Student Union. Daneshyar led or contributed to over 500 community events during the time of her degree.

In her short career of 4 years, Daneshyar has managed to get on a corporate level in the Logistics and Transportation industry of a fortune 500 company.

She started and manages an offshore branch and team while leading strategic initiative projects across all operations area in her business unit.

Daneshyar is also involved in the North Shore pottery community and lives on the north shore. By being part of the CUAA, she wants to be able to give back to the institution that gave her wings.

Amina El mantari is a community change maker. Making the difference is one of her top core values.

Amina’s professional focus is human resources and people engagement. With 14 years of experience on Human Resources. Amina has extensive leadership, student governance and administration experience.

She currently hold a role of People & Culture Specialist at Neptune Bulk Terminals. Over the course of her career she has led Policy and Governance Committee, Employee issues management, and diversity and inclusion functions.

In addition to being a Capilano University alumna, Amina is an ICF certified Coach and continuing her professional development with plans to pursue her Master Engagement Strategist Coach. When she was a CapU student, she served on the CapU student union executive.

Amina has continued serving her community. She currently sits on SHARP Workplaces Advisory Committee for Ending Violence association of BC, and volunteered for both the North Shore Crisis Services Society and the Parkgate Community Services Society.

Amina was first place Winner of Soroptimist International Award of the North Shore in 2016, an organization working to improve the lives of girls and women in the North Shore, and later she was awarded the Capilano University Alumni Association Unified Award of Excellence in 2018.

She is always delighted to talk about coaching, law, cross-culture, supporting mental health, and feminism.

Eddie Jang has a strong background in Banking and the Financial Services industry. He has worked at the CIBC headquarters in Toronto as a Financial Analyst in the Personal & Small Business Banking Finance Division.

Jang worked closely with key executives, who oversaw a large part of the Retail's Bank operation. Also, he has worked in Commercial Banking at the Toronto Dominion Bank (TD). Now, Jang works in the Financial Technology industry as an Underwriter, managing Credit Risk at Merchant Growth.

Jang has been always involved in the community by being a mentor for Junior Achievement BC (JABC), volunteering in the community under the United Way in Toronto.

In addition, he was a mentor in the International Mentor program at Capilano University while attending as a student.

Jang holds a Business Diploma in General Management from Capilano University and a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Finance from the University of British Columbia.

About the Board of Directors

The Alumni Association inspires to support and develop our members, foster student success and celebrate achievements within our communities.

Alumni Pride
Lifelong Relationships
Support and Engagement
Community Stewardship and Service
Authentic and Quality Student Experience

The alumni representative to the Senate ensures that alumni have a voice at the table when discussing educational policies and producers. Pardis Daneshyar currently sits on the Senate as our alumni representative.

The Senate is established in conformity with the University Act of British Columbia and is responsible for policies concerning student evaluation, withdrawal, academic standing, appeals, grading, awards for excellence and curriculum content.

The Board of Governors obtains advice from Senate on a variety of matters.

The alumni representative to the Board of Governors ensures that alumni have a voice at the table when discussing and directing affairs of the university, and when setting policies in accordance with the University Act of British Columbia. Cherian Itty and Duncan Brown currently sit on the Board of Governors as our alumni representatives.

The Board is responsible for the management, administration and control of property revenue, business and affairs of the University.

If you are interested in getting involved with the CUAA please review the governing documents and information package below and submit your CV and Expression of Interest to