CapU in Photos: Spring Convocation

Photo credit Maxine Bulloch and Tae Hoon Kim

The best photos from this year’s “Car-vocation.”

Student moving tassle

On June 9-11, CapU hosted an in-person Convocation ceremony for the first time since February 2020. This ceremony was unlike any other, however, as graduands and their families took part in the University’s first ever drive-in graduation.

For our photographers, it was the first large in-person event they had attended since the declaration of the global pandemic 13 months ago.

While photographing students and their friends and families loudly celebrating and expressing their joy, they were caught off guard by the rush of emotions that hit them.

We hope you enjoy our selection of photos as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Student with parent celebrating Convocation Photos by Maxine Bulloch.
Yuri Fulmer giving speech
Students watching ceremony in parking lot Photo by Tae Hoon Kim.
Brittany Barnes speaking at Convocation ceremony Photo by Maxine Bulloch.
Student holding dog at ceremony Photo by Tae Hoon Kim.
Group watching the Convocation ceremony
Photo by Tae Hoon Kim.
Photo of Paul Dangerfield surrounded by bubbles Photo by Tae Hoon Kim.
Student standing by car Photo by Maxine Bulloch.
Congratulations balloons on car Photos by Tae Hoon Kim.
Students holding their certificates
Student holding certificate in car Photo by Maxine Bulloch.
Taking photo of student with certificate Photo by Maxine Bulloch.
Procession of cars for Convocation ceremony Photos by Maxine Bulloch.
Faculty congratulating students
Group of students celebrating convocation
Parent placing hat on student Photo by Tae Hoon Kim.
Students hugging at ceremony Photo by Tae Hoon Kim.
Students moving their tassles Photo by Maxine Bulloch.