If you’re facing unexpected financial distress or you’ve had a major change in your finances, CapU may be able to offer you emergency funding.

CapU’s Financial Aid & Awards can help you assess your financial situation. We can advise you about what your options are, and how to apply for emergency bursaries and loans.

Contact us at finaid@capilanou.ca or call 604 984 4900 to speak with a Financial Aid Advisor.

Emergency bursaries

If you have a sudden and unexpected financial emergency during your term of study at CapU, and haven't been able to access funding through other sources, you may be eligible for an emergency bursary.

This funding can help cover necessities such as rent, food, and medical fees to provide short-term relief in an urgent situation.

Emergency loans

If you’re facing an unexpected delay getting your approved funding from a government student loan program, you may be eligible for an emergency, short-term interest-free loan.

This loan can help you with basic day-to-day needs, and could cover essential student costs like books, supplies, rent, food, etc.

The loan can’t be used to pay outstanding tuition fees.  

Indigenous Emergency Assistance Fund

The BC government has created the Indigenous Emergency Assistance Fund to support Indigenous students who are facing financial barriers.

Please contact First Nations Student Services for more information.


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