The University can only release student information to the student – and this is why.

Access to information about your student is far different than it was during high school. The University is required by law to protect each student’s privacy and therefore your student has the right to complete confidentiality.

As a result, only the student is permitted to access the information on their student record. This information includes:

  • grades
  • courses
  • student schedule
  • academic status, and
  • fees owing.

We appreciate that this can be difficult, especially if you were heavily involved in your student’s education to this point. However, learning to manage and take control of administrative responsibilities is an important part of every young student’s development. 

Because of these confidentiality requirements, we can’t report to you any problems that arise (for example, your student isn’t attending classes).

We also are not able to discuss details of your student’s record with you unless a current authorization, signed by the student, is on file in the Registrar’s Office at Capilano University. 

Emergency disclosure of personal information

There are times when concerns about safety override the commitment to privacy.

In compelling circumstances affecting the health or safety of an individual, information about the student will be released to emergency personnel.

In compassionate circumstances, Capilano University will attempt to facilitate contact with a spouse, a close relative, or a friend of a student.