Ready to graduate from CapU or have questions about the graduation process? Find your answers here.

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Graduating isn't as simple as walking across the stage and receiving your credential. 

Academic advisors at CapU can help guide you on your application and GPA requirements. 

Factors to consider for graduating students

You are eligible to apply for graduation once you have completed your program requirements in accordance with the year that you began your studies in the University Calendar. If you are unsure whether you have meet requirements you can meet with an Academic Advisor.

Yes! All students who are enrolled in a program that leads to a credential must submit an application for graduation. Students who are in their last term of studies may submit an online application to graduate. Go to Graduation to check graduation and convocation dates.

Most programs require a program GPA of 2.00 to graduate. However, some specialized programs require a higher GPA to graduate. Please refer to the University Calendar for information on the required program GPA for graduation.

Cumulative GPA: calculates all of the courses that you have taken in the university, including F’s, and the higher mark of a repeated course.

Program GPA: uses all of the courses you have passed and used to fulfil your program requirement. This calculates only the successful marks of courses used towards the program requirement. This does not include F’s, transfer credit marks, or university preparatory courses.

International Students/Immigration

Only Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors (RISAs) can provide immigration advice to students. Please contact and book an appointment with an Immigration Advisor at the Centre for International Experience.


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