CapU 2024 Honorary Degree recipient Elder Latash - Maurice Nahanee.

Doctor of Letters, honoris causa

Elder, Capilano University Elders' Circle

Elder Latash - Maurice Nahanee of the Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish) Nation epitomizes a life dedicated to cultural preservation, education and reconciliation.

As a CapU alum with a bachelor's in English literature (SFU), Elder Latash has had a multifaceted career. He spent a decade as a journalist before becoming the CEO of the Native Communications Society of BC.

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish All Write Productions, a PR company, and Latash Native Arts, a company selling Indigenous art and providing cross-cultural workshops.

Elder Latash's true passion lies in nurturing young minds. For over 25 years, he has been actively involved in education, working with school districts across Metro Vancouver to impart Indigenous teachings and promote reconciliation. In 2016, he retired as a First Nations support worker in the North Vancouver School District.

Since 2012, Elder Latash has been an integral part of CapU’s Elders’ Circle, where he mentors Indigenous students and participates in many aspects of campus life. He was pivotal in guiding ChénĚ“chenstway, a living document outlining CapU's journey of reconciliACTION and learning.

As a world-renowned traditional artist and cultural ambassador, Elder Latash showcases Skwxwú7mesh culture through wood sculpture, painting, music and storytelling. Over the years, he has performed with the Chinook Songcatchers, a cultural group created with his wife and daughters.

His dedication to cultural authenticity and reconciliation is evident in his workshops and commissioned artworks, which continue to inspire and educate audiences worldwide.