Our donors have helped countless CapU students and alumni.

CapU Indigenous Digital Filmmaking alum Jessie Anthony at We Believe event

Here are just a few stories of people getting ahead thanks to your generosity.

"As a mature music therapy student with two young daughters, deciding to go back to school and pursue a long-term career dream did not come lightly."

Julia Adam, who received CapU's Una Graham and Lee Grills Award, explains how supporters like you create opportunities that will shape the rest of her life.

"Without question, the financial risk that our family is enduring in order to make this happen was the hardest decision of all... I have a two- and five-year-old depending on my responsible choices every day. There a many barriers for women and mothers pursuing career and education goals, and I have such respect that you recognize this and have created an award to support women in this regard.

"I am confident that the academic, career, and financial decisions that I have made with my family will be well worth it in the long run. As many have said before, education is a worthwhile investment, yet for many the investment isn't even possible due to the cost of education and the general cost of living in Vancouver and greater British Columbia.

"I consider myself privileged and lucky to be a student right now."

"I would like to thank you for your generosity in supporting my studies at Capilano University."

Cindy Ji Hye Moon is a recipient of The Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia Scholarship award, and anticipates the employment benefits of a CapU education.

"Your assistance will help me pursue my educational and career goals as I work toward my legal studies at Capilano University. I have just finished the Legal Administrative Assistant Certificate program and am planning to take the part-time Paralegal Certificate Program (summer 2019 intake).

"Your generous award will help me in my education and career."

"I am a saxophonist and guitarist, and a music teacher by trade; moving to a new city to build my career again from scratch while continuing my studies has thus been a challenge."

Tracy Laslop received the CFUW West Vancouver Memorial Bursary to support her studies at Capilano University's Music Therapy program. It's the first step towards rewarding and life-changing career opportunities.

"I am a returning student, having already graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of Alberta, with preexisting student loans.

"Moving to Vancouver to attend Capilano University's prestigious music therapy program has been my dream since I began post-secondary education. I truly believe my acceptance into the program is the start of a fulfilling and meaningful career and calling for me.

Your assistance will help me in continuing my studies and professional development."

Can you help students like Julia, Cindy and Tracy make the most of the transformational growth offered by education?


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