Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services coordinates academic accommodations and associated services for incoming and current students.

Our accessibility services team can help with:

  • setting up academic accommodations
  • applying for disability-related funding
  • connecting with other supports and services

Types of disabilities may involve mental health, physical, chronic, sensory and neurological disabilities whether temporary or ongoing, episodic, apparent or non-evident.

Academic accommodation is granted when the functional impact of a disability condition intersects with the academic environment causing a performance barrier.

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Getting Started

Learn more about the three-step process for registering with Accessibility Services.

Get Started
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Book an Appointment

If you've already registered with Accessibility Services, you can book an appointment now.

Book an Appointment
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Book an exam accommodation

Complete this form with required lead time to arrange testing invigilation for on-campus exams. You need an approved testing accommodation to qualify.

Exam Accommodation Form

Our CapU Commitment

At CapU, every student has the right to an accessible, inclusive and barrier free education. Academic accommodations mitigate for physical, attitudinal, technological, systemic and communication barriers.

Students with disabilities have the same rights, responsibilities, opportunities and respect of dignity as all students.

CapU is attentive to having an environment free of discrimination in keeping with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the B.C. Human Rights Code.

Helpful links

Funding & Financial Guidance

Find out about government grants and equipment loans for students with disabilities.

Funding & Financial Guidance

Information for CapU Faculty

Learn about academic accommodations and the Notification of Accommodation letter for students with disabilities.

Information for Faculty


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Accessibility Services

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