If you’re upgrading your skills or taking developmental education or training courses, the Adult Upgrading Grant could help cover your costs.

Adult Upgrading Grants provide funding to help with:

  • required fees;
  • required textbooks and supplies;
  • U-pass or transportation costs;
  • technology costs;
  • unsubsidized child care costs; and
  • tuition fees, if applicable.

Which courses qualify?

Most CapU courses below the 100-level qualify for AUG funding. Courses at the 100-level and above are not eligible.

How do I apply?

  1. Complete the AUG application form

    Make sure you answer all questions on the application. To access the AUG application, download it below and open it in Adobe Reader.

  2. Gather required documents

    AUG applications can only be assessed if you submit required documentation, including proof of income. See Page 1 of the AUG application form for a list of acceptable documents.

    Include a copy of your PR card (front and back) in PDF format with your application.

    Include copies of your SIN card (front and back) in PDF format and "Protected Person Status Document" or "Decision Letter" issued by the Immigration Refugee Board with your application.

  3. Submit your application package

    Email finaid@capilanou.ca your AUG application package, which should include:

    • Your AUG application
    • Your supporting documentation (proof of income, etc.)
    NOTE: Your complete AUG application package must be received by the Financial Aid office at least 6 weeks before the end of the term. You must submit a new AUG application form each term.

  4. Receive your eligibility notification

    Financial Aid & Awards will send you an email notification informing you if you are eligible for AUG. If you are eligible, your funds will not be paid yet; however, a fee deferral will be placed on your account for that term.

    After the add/drop deadline, Financial Aid & Awards will:

    • verify your course registration,
    • apply your AUG funds based on your eligible costs,
    • and send you an email notification with details of your approval.


The AUG application form outlines the criteria students must meet, including citizenship status, BC residency, and financial need.

Most courses below the 100-level qualify for AUG funding.

To receive the grant for your required textbooks and supplies:

  1. Submit your AUG application;
  2. Purchase the items; and
  3. Email your receipts to finaid@capilanou.ca 

Submissions are subject to review and approval.

If you received AUG for a course before and didn’t complete it, you may still be eligible to receive AUG again for the same course.

However, AUG funding for a repeat course is not guaranteed.

AUG applicants who have a change in their course registration and want to request a review of their application should complete the AUG Request for Reassessment form (pdf) and email it to finaid@capilanou.ca no later than three weeks before the end date of your course(s).


Have questions?

Financial Aid and Awards

Library Building, room LB152