At Capilano University, we have supports for those who want to disclose and those who want to report. These supports take into account that safety looks different for everyone.

What is a Disclosure?

A disclosure is the sharing of information regarding an experience of sexual violence for the purpose of receiving support only. Members of the University community can disclose to anyone they trust, but are encouraged to disclose to a Student Support Advisor – who can offer specialized support – by emailing disclosures@capilanou.ca.

University community members can disclose without making a report. If you receive a disclosure, maintain confidentiality and listen, believe, and refer to disclosures@capilanou.ca.

How to respond to a disclosure

The response a person receives when they first disclose an experience of sexual violence can have long-term impacts on their well-being and willingness to access more support. If someone confides in you, the best way to respond is:

  • Listen with empathy and non-judgement
  • Believe them – people are the experts of their experiences
  • Mirror their language – refrain from labeling their experiences
  • Refer them to support and resources when they are ready

With their consent, you can refer them to disclosures@capilanou.ca and our Student Support Advisor can meet with them in-person, virtually or in the community.

If you know someone who has been impacted by sexual violence, but are unsure of what supports and resources are available to them, you can contact a Student Support Advisor for information and advice.

If someone impacted by sexual violence chooses not to access support resources, that is their choice. There is no timeline or right way to access support.

What is a Report?

A formal report of an incident of sexual violence for the purpose of initiating an investigation.

Outcomes of a University investigation may include the choice to pursue an alternative resolution such as restorative or transformative justice.

Connect with a Student Support Advisor for information about reporting options.

How to report

Find the step-by-step process of reporting incidents of sexual violence.

Sexual Violence Reporting Process

Things to know about reporting

  • You do not have to make a formal report to receive support and accommodations
  • You can make a report at any time if you are a current or former member of the University community
  • A formal report through the University is not connected to law enforcement or the justice system, but survivors can be supported in seeking that option if they wish
  • Survivors will be provided with all information about the various reporting options to support them with their decision
  • To support the safety needs of individuals involved, the University can provide various interim measures during the reporting and investigation process
  • Members of the University community have the right to withdraw a report at any time

Sexual violence support

Email: disclosures@capilanou.ca
Phone: 604 240 1317 (call or text)

Supports provided can include:

  • Confidential support, information and advice
  • Personalized safety planning
  • Academic and other accommodations
  • Referrals to emergency housing, financial aid or food supports
  • Information and accompaniment to medical and emergency services
  • Information about reporting options
  • Referrals to on and off campus resources
  • Support for those who are supporting a survivor
  • Support for respondents or those who may have caused harm and are looking for a way forward

The Manager of Student Affairs can provide policy support, media support, access to knowledge regarding the criminal justice system, and conduct Risk Assessments in response to community safety concerns. They can also conduct investigations when appropriate.

You can be referred to the Manager of Student Affairs through your Student Support Advisor.

Employees who have experienced sexual violence can access support through Human Resources by contacting their designated HR Business Partner.

Naz Fard
Email: nazaninfard@capilanou.ca
Phone: 604 990 7949 ext. 7949

  • All staff, administrators, and exempt employees 

Divina Rattan
Email: divinarattan@capilanou.ca
Phone: 604 984 1721 ext. 1721

  • Student Success
  • Faculty of Art and Science
  • Faculty or Education, Health & Human Development
  • Library

Michelle Nalliah
Email: michellenalliah@capilanou.ca
Phone: 604 990 7940 ext. 7940

  • Faculty of Business & Professional Studies
  • Faculty of Fine & Applied Arts
  • Faculty of Global & Community Studies
  • Continuing Education
  • kálax-ay | Sunshine Coast Campus

If faculty members require additional support, they can contact the Capilano Faculty Association at cfa@capilanou.ca for a representative.


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