Inviting your nominations and applications now!

Application Deadline
(for partners)
Application Deadline
(for students)
Fall (Sept. - Dec.) May 15 May 31
Spring (Jan. - April) October 1 October 15
Summer (May - June or July - Aug. or May - Aug) February 1 February 15

We’re thrilled to meet you and support you in making your study abroad exchange journey at CapU exceptional.

If you are currently studying outside of Canada and your home university is a partner institution to CapU, we invite you to apply as an exchange student. 

Connect with the study abroad team at your home university to begin your global adventure!

What you could study at CapU

Bachelor programs you can take as an exchange international student include:

*upon departmental approval

You’re welcome to mix and match courses within the programs listed above. Specific courses outside these programs are limited and seats are subject to approval.

Most importantly, be sure to work with your home institution to ensure that your credits earned at CapU are transferrable back to your home institution. We strongly recommend that you do this before requesting your course approvals and arriving in Canada.

We recommend that you take 9-12 credits (3-4 classes) per term. Full-time status at CapU is a minimum of nine credits. This is why, as an exchange student, you must take a minimum of 9.0 credits (3 CapU courses) while at CapU.

Additionally, you are permitted to take a maximum of 12.0 credits (4 CapU courses) although some exceptions apply such as for Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts incoming exchange students who take 4-5 courses.

Key Dates

We are excited to receive your nomination from our partners and your subsequent application. In addition to the application deadlines, take note of our term, orientation and exam dates.

Term (Semester) Term dates Orientation dates Exam dates
Fall 2024 Sept. 3 - Dec. 2 Aug. 30 – Sept. 3 Dec. 4 - 13 
Spring 2025 Jan. 6 – April 11 Early Jan.  April 15 - 26 
Summer 2025 (Session I)  May 12 - June 27 Early May To be announced
Summer 2025 (Session II)  July 7 - Aug. 22 Early May To be announced
Summer 2025 (Full Term)  May 12 - Aug. 22  Early May To be announced

For more details on academic dates, visit our Academic Schedule and Important Dates page.

How to apply

Here is the step-by-step process to apply to Capilano University as an incoming exchange student.

  1. Choose an area of study

    To begin your global adventure, explore our Student Servicesstories, and Bachelor programs available to incoming exchange students, which are listed at the top of this page.

  2. Get nominated by your home institution

    Connect with your home university’s study abroad team and inquire about the nomination process, which varies from institution to institution.

    If you are a successful candidate, your home institution will nominate you for a study abroad term at Capilano University in Canada.

  3. Have your nomination accepted by CapU and receive your application fee waiver code (if applicable)

    Following your nomination acceptance by Capilano University, you will receive an invitation to apply along with your unique application fee waiver code from studyabroad@capilanou.ca, which you will use when applying online (Step 4).

    As an incoming exchange student, you do not pay the CAD$135 international application fee.

    However, if you are a fee-paying incoming exchange student, please note that you are required to pay the CAD$135 international application fee (non-refundable).

  4. Submit your application via EducationPlannerBC

    In your application, include:

    • Proof of English Language Proficiency based on regular English Language Requirements or a letter of reference from your home institution that guarantees your level of English.
    • Post-secondary transcripts, including a certified translation in English, when applicable. High school documents are not required.
    • Letter of Permission. This letter must state that the applicant is currently a student in good standing at the home institution and has been permitted to spend a semester abroad as an exchange student at CapU; and indicate the program the applicant is approved to take at CapU and the term the program may be taken.
    • Your email address. This enables us to acknowledge your application and send you myCapU log in details.

    Apply on EducationPlannerBC
  5. Receive an acknowledgement letter

    After submitting your application on EducationPlannerBC, you will receive an acknowledgement message from us to your personal email.

    • This email will include your Student ID number and your myCapU account and email address.
    • Any missing application documents and instructions on how to track your application will also be included.
    • All future messages from us will be sent to your myCapU email.

  6. Complete any additional program requirements

    Students applying to CapU's Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication degree program must submit their portfolio to studyabroad@capilanou.ca.

  7. Receive your letter of acceptance

    Once your application is complete, you will receive a letter of acceptance in your myCapU inbox.

    • This letter includes details such as course registration, accommodation, and orientation and may be used to apply for, or renew, a study permit.
    • Depending on your citizenship and Government of Canada guidelines, you may also need to apply for an entry visa.

    Note: If you are a fee-paying exchange student, prior to receiving a letter of acceptance, you will receive a letter of offer, which will be emailed to you if your application is successful.

    To accept the offer of admission, you must pay a one-time CAD$5,000 tuition and fee deposit by the deadline specified in your letter of offer. This deposit will go toward your first term of study at CapU.

  8. Submit your Exchange Student Course Approval Form

    To start preparing for your course registration, email your Exchange Student Course Approval Form (pdf) to studyabroad@capilanou.ca as soon as you receive your letter of acceptance.

    If you have any questions about your course selection and approvals, prior to applying, please email studyabroad@capilanou.ca.

  9. Get ready for your first day!

    • Your first day includes a new student orientation and a dedicated incoming exchange and VISP student orientation.
    • Our Study Abroad Team will support you with course approvals and questions related to accommodation, health insurance and student transportation passes.

Visa and Study Permit

If you intend to study at CapU for only one term (less than six months) as an exchange student, you may study at CapU via online means from your home country without a study permit.

Before applying for your visa/study permit and/or planning to travel to Canada, find out if you need a study permit or eTA or visa.

Course registration

A CapU student registered with a minimum of 9.0 credits is considered a full-time student. Most CapU courses have 3.0 credits.

Prior to registering for CapU courses, all your courses must be pre-approved through the Exchange Student Course Approval Form (pdf), which you must email to studyabroad@capilanou.ca upon receiving your letter of acceptance.

If you have any questions about your course selection and approvals, prior to applying, please email studyabroad@capilanou.ca.

For course registration dates, visit our Academic Schedule and Important Dates page.

Following course approvals, you will register online on your own. See How to Register for more details.

Fees and payments

At CapU, fees are charged on a per term basis. Each term is four months in duration.

As an incoming exchange student, you must be enrolled in guard.me health insurance, a private insurance company contracted by CapU.

This basic health insurance, costing approximately $2.00 per day, is mandatory and ensures you have adequate coverage for the duration of your stay, regardless of your individual extended health plans.

In most cases, as an exchange student you will pay tuition to your home university. Additional school fees apply as communicated to you and your home institution. Also, please plan for books and supplies.

As an incoming exchange student, you must pay for a subsidized student transportation pass called U-Pass BC, a mandatory fee that costs approximately $170 per term.


CapU offers Student Housing close to campus. You will receive information about application deadlines with your Letter of Acceptance.

You also have other options for accommodation: host family in a homestay environment or fully furnished shared housing with other students, which you may contact directly.

We strongly advise you to ensure you understand all conditions and refund policies of your accommodation before signing any contracts.

Study Abroad Ambassador (Buddy) Program

Upon arrival, you will be matched with a study abroad ambassador (buddy) who already experienced a term abroad at one of CapU’s partner institutions.

Our Study Abroad Ambassadors are a friendly and dedicated group of CapU students eager to extend their global adventure by introducing incoming exchange students to all the exciting aspects of living in North Vancouver and Canada and studying at CapU!

Transcript and Course Transfer

CapU uses a letter grade system to determine a student’s grade point average (GPA).

Upon successful completion of your exchange term, you may request your official transcript through your myCapU Account. For details, see Transcripts and Forms.

Our Study Abroad Team will also email a digital copy of your transcript directly to your home institution.

Prior to arriving in Canada, be sure to work with your home institution to ensure the credits earned at CapU are transferrable back to your home institution.

Have a question? Contact the Study Abroad team

Our Study Abroad team is available by email, Zoom or MS Teams, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. PT.


Have questions?

Contact information for incoming exchange students

Wong and Trainor Centre for International Experience (CIE) – Study Abroad Office
604 990 7914
Library Building, room LB 127