COMP 108 Software Applications and Their Customization




Entry level Computing Science course. This course introduces the student to the basic concepts of information technology and computer applications. The student will learn how to use a microcomputer operating system effectively with emphasis on file management. Upon completion of the course the student should be proficient in using and customizing various software packages including word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software and data base software. The course also covers basic uses of the Internet and issues of security and privacy connected to it. The course serves as a preparation for the International Computer Driving License certification.


Applications of Math 11 or Principles of Math 11 or MATH 091 or BMTH 044 or BTEC 115 or Math Placement Test (MPT) or permission of the instructor

Course Notes

COMP 108 is an approved Science course.

Reasonable keyboarding skills and some familiarity with microcomputers running MS Windows.


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