The ability to analyze data is an increasingly important skill in many fields of study. This problem-based course introduces common inferential statistics and data analysis techniques to students interested in improving critical thinking about data and evidence-based decision making. Students will explore different data visualization and data analysis techniques in the context of practical problems and students will investigate predictive analysis techniques using statistical software or spreadsheet add-ins.


45 credits of 100-level or higher coursework including one of the following: BADM 210, LBST 201, MATH 101, PSYC 213, or TOUR 350.

Course Notes

STAT 301 is an approved Quantitative/Analytical course for baccalaureate degrees.

STAT 301 is an approved Science course.

Course Outlines

Please note: Course outlines of record posted may vary from the section syllabus distributed by each instructor (e.g. textbooks, assignments, timing of midterms).

Effective Term
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