Learn about how CapU is organized and governed, including the administration, governors and senate.

Capilano University is a special-purpose teaching university composed of a chancellor, a convocation, a board, a senate and faculties.

The management, administration and control of the property, revenue, business and affairs of the university is overseen by the Board of Governors.

The academic governance of the university is overseen by the Senate.

President's Office

The President's Office manages the administration of CapU. To learn more about the president and his team, and to read his report, visit the President's Office.

Board of Governors

The Capilano University Board of Governors directs the affairs of the University and sets policies in accordance with the University Act of British Columbia.

CapU has 15 volunteer governors, including the chancellor, president, faculty members, alumni, current students and staff.

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The Senate is responsible for policies concerning curriculum content and student evaluation, withdrawal, academic standing, appeals, grading and awards for excellence.

The Senate is composed of 26 voting representatives including faculty, deans, students, staff, the chancellor, president, academic vice-president, chief librarian and one alumnus or alumna. There are also non-voting members.

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Yuri Fulmer is CapU's chancellor, joining the University in June 2020.

A successful entrepreneur, community leader and North Shore resident who devotes a great deal of his time to not-for-profit endeavours, he has been recognized for his efforts with several awards, including the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal, the Spirit of Vancouver Award and the Order of British Columbia.

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Policies & procedures

CapU's Board of Governors, Senate or Senate Leadership Council approve all of the University's policies and procedures in accordance with B.102 Policy Development and Management.

Learn more about the University's policy development and management approach and access all current policies and procedures at Policies.

Budget, plans & reports

CapU's annual budget process provides our roadmap for spending for the fiscal year, which runs from April to March. The University Act requires the Board of Governors to annually produce a balanced budget.

CapU also regularly produces financial reports, accountability, academic and strategic plans and reports, enrolment statistics and our Aboriginal Service Plan and reports.

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