Academic and Students

Policy Number Procedure
Academic Agreements  S2015-01   
Academic Freedom  S2003-01  
Academic Honours  S1989-02 See Academic Policies and Procedures

Academic Integrity Valid until Aug. 31, 2024


Academic Integrity Effective Sept. 1, 2024 


Academic Integrity Procedures Valid until Aug. 31, 2024


Academic Integrity Procedure Effective Sept. 1, 2024

Academic Standing Policy S2003-03 See Academic Policies and Procedures 
Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities  S1999-09 See Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
Admission Policy S2019-01 See Admission Procedure 
Attendance  S1990-01  See Academic Policies and Procedures 
Course Outlines of Record and Course Syllabi  S2009-06   
Course Numbering and Credit Level Policy S2020-02  
Credential Names and Parchment Policy S2021-01  
Definition of Full-Time Student  S2002-04   
External Advisory Committee S2023-01 External Advisory Committee Procedure
Final Examinations  S2017-02   
Final Grade Appeals Policy S2018-01  
Grade Assignment During an Academic Disruption  S2016-01  Grade Assignment During an Academic Disruption - Procedure 
Grade Change Time Limit  S1990-02   
Grading Profile  S2017-01   
Graduation Policy  S2017-04   
Posthumous Credential  S2011-02   
Programs of Study Outcomes S2024-01 Programs of Study Outcomes Procedure
Prior Learning Assessment  S2002-03   
Repeated Courses  S2003-02   
Student Awards S2018-02 Appendix A - Student Awards
Teaching Out of Discontinued Programs  S2013-02   
Transfer Credit Policy  S2013-01  See Transfer Credit 

Human Resources

Educational Qualifications for Instructors  S2006-02   
Faculty Emeritus  S1999-06  Selecting Faculty Emeritus Recipients 

University Relations

Policy Number Procedure
Honorary Degrees S2010-01  Honorary Degree Recipients 
Senate Tributes Committee  S2009-02