Below are a list of on-campus and community resources for Capilano University students and employees.

Any member of the University community who has experienced sexual violence can access confidential assistance and support, accommodations, referrals and information from the Office of Student Affairs or Human Resources regardless of the time or place at which the sexual violence occurred.

Trauma-informed on-campus resources for students

Student Affairs

For students - or those supporting students - who have experienced sexual violence, Student Support Advisors are available to provide confidential support, information, and advice.

All support and accommodations will be guided by the specific needs of the survivor and may include collaboration with other campus resources to facilitate safer and more culturally grounded pathways to disclose, report, or foster healing.

Email: disclosures@capilanou.ca
Phone: 604 240 1317 (call or text)

Supports provided can include:

  • Confidential support, information and advice
  • Personalized safety planning
  • Academic and other accommodations
  • Referrals to emergency housing, financial aid or food supports
  • Information and accompaniment to medical and emergency services
  • Information about reporting options
  • Referrals to on and off campus resources
  • Support for those who are supporting a survivor
  • Support for respondents or those who may have caused harm and are looking for a way forward

Counselling Services is a free resource for Capilano University students and offers another option for ongoing emotional support and accommodations.

A Student Support Advisor can connect students with a counsellor and provide support to students who would like counselling services but are unsure of how to access this support and/or have any questions or concerns before meeting with a counsellor.

To book an appointment, email counselling@capilanou.ca or call 604 984 1744.

On-campus resources for employees

For employees - or those supporting employees - who have experienced sexual violence, Human Resources designates HR Business Partners to provide support, information, and external resources.

Please ensure you contact the appropriate business partner for your department. 

Divina Rattan
Phone: 604 984 1721, ext. 1721
Email: divinarattan@capilanou.ca

Designated HR Business Partner for the faculty of Arts & Sciences, the faculty of Education, Health & Human Development, Student Success, Library, Center for Teach Excellence, AIP & CARS. 

Michelle Nalliah
Phone: 604 990 7940, ext. 7940
Email: michellenalliah@capilanou.ca

Designated HR Business Partner for the faculty of Business & Professional Studies, the faculty of Fine & Applied Arts, the faculty of Global & Community Studies, Continuing Education, and the kálax-ay Sunshine Coast Campus.

Naz Fard
Phone: 604 990 7949, ext. 7949
Email: nazaninfard@capilanou.ca

Designated HR Business Partner for all staff, administrators, and exempt employees.

Other on-campus resources

The Sexual Violence Prevention and Well-Being Facilitator offers educational engagement opportunities to students, faculty, and staff on the topics of sexual violence prevention and response, consent, healthy relationships, and creating communities of care and respect.

They provide trainings tailored to fit specific department needs as well as information on the sexual violence policy and procedures.

For more information, or to connect with the facilitator to discuss what programs and resources may best support your needs, email wellbeing@capilanou.ca.

In a scenario where immediate crisis support is needed to prevent or interrupt harm as it is occurring, Campus Security is available 24/7.

Campus Security, North Vancouver Campus
Arbutus Building, room AR017
604 984 1763 

Paladin Security, Squamish Campus
604 296 3131

Suncoast Services, Sunshine Coast Campus
604 885 8384 (message centre)

Community resources

Provides free and confidential services for survivors of sexual assault who are 13 years and older. The program is sex work positive and provides support to people of any gender and sexuality, including counselling and crisis intervention, hospital accompaniment and criminal justice system support.

Their sexual assault response line is available to you 24/7 to provide non-judgmental support and information.

Phone: 604 924 7676
Website: familyservices.bc.ca/find-support/sexual-assault-response-program

Provides support services and legal advocacy for women who have experienced abuse in an intimate relationship, childhood sexual abuse or adult sexual assault. who have experienced sexual and domestic violence. Specific support groups for Black, Latina, LGBTQIA2S+, Indigenous, immigrant and refugee women.

Phone (24/7 Crisis and Intake): 1 855 687 1868
Text: 604 652 1867
Website: bwss.org/support

Provides treatment and support services to male survivors of sexual abuse as well as support for significant-others and relatives of survivors.

Vancouver: 604 682 6482
Surrey: 778 222 6885
Email: victimservices@bc-malesurvivors.com
Website: bc-malesurvivors.com/for-survivors

Information about Community-Based Victim Services, Stopping the Violence Counselling and Stopping the Violence/Multicultural Outreach Programs in B.C.

Website: endingviolence.org 

Offers a Sexual Assault Response Program that provides free coordinated services for survivors of sexual assault. The program is sex work positive and provides support to people of any gender and sexuality including counselling and crisis intervention, hospital accompaniment, and criminal justice system support.

24/7 sexual assault response line: 604-924-7676

Email: intake@familyservices.bc.ca
Website: familyservices.bc.ca

Provides trauma-informed medical and forensic care to individuals who have experienced recent sexual assault and or intentional relationship violence (accessible through the Emergency Department).

Phone: 604 953 4723
Website: fraserhealth.ca/Service-Directory/Service-At-Location/1/9/forensic-nursing-service---surrey

Provides a directory of BIPOC therapists committed to supporting individuals who are BIPOC, queer, trans or engaging in sex work.

You can access support through the Healing in Colour website. 

The Indian Residential School Survivors Society provides essential services to Residential School Survivors, their families and those dealing with Intergenerational traumas.

Call toll-free: 1 800 721 0066
Email: reception@irsss.ca
Website: irsss.ca

Provide confidential sexual and reproductive health services for all ages, all genders, and all orientations. Their services include low-cost birth control, STI care, Pap screening, pregnancy testing and pregnancy options counselling.

Phone: 604 731 4252 or 1 800 739 7367 (toll-free)

Provides individual and group counselling to women and transwomen who have experienced current or past relationship abuse, sexual assault, or physical, emotional or sexual abuse at any age.

Phone: 604 331 1407, ext. 106 or 107
Email: stv@atira.bc.ca
Website: atira.bc.ca/what-we-do/program/stopping-the-violence-counselling

A 24/7 toll-free, confidential, multilingual telephone service available across B.C. It provides information and referral services to all victims of crime and immediate crisis support to victims of family and sexual violence.

Call or text: 1 800 563 0808
Email: VictimLinkBC@bc211.ca
Website: gov.bc.ca/gov/content/justice/criminal-justice/victims-of-crime/victimlinkbc

All-female staff provide 24/7 forensic evidence collection (often known as a rape kit), pregnancy prevention, assessment and treatment of injuries and sexually transmitted infections, and emotional support.

Phone: 604 875 2424 (ask for Sexual Assault Services)

Provides 24/7 immediate crisis assistance and emotional support, information and referrals to survivors of sexualized violence who have shared experiences of gender marginalization: cis and trans women, Two-Spirit, trans and/or non-binary people. Their other services include but are not limited to one-to-one counselling, support for SANE kit collection, 3rd party reporting, and one-to-one, group and family counselling for self-identified family members of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

Lower Mainland: 604 255 6344
National toll-free: 1 877 392 7583
Website: wavaw.ca

If you would like support navigating any of these resources, please connect with your Student Support Advisor at disclosures@capilanou.ca.


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