Discover the science behind sport – explore the human body and the relationship between exercise and health through the study of kinesiology.

Why study kinesiology at CapU?

Studying kinesiology at CapU will give you foundational knowledge and encourage real-life application of potential career-related skills. You'll explore anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, nutrition, biomechanics and more, while practicing proven methods in sport psychology, leadership, strength and conditioning and health promotion.

Through our programs you'll learn the skills to channel a general excitement toward physical activity into a career direction where you can motivate others to reach their health goals. Hands-on learning extends beyond our skill-building labs and into community engagement opportunities where you'll work with children, adults, older adults, athletes, coaches and more.

Graduates of our kinesiology programs leave CapU with the ability to satisfy the growing demand for professionals who can positively impact the health of those around them.

Resources for CapU students

We’re here to support you at every step of your education journey. Check out Learning Support – an area for all students to grow in confidence as they master course material and gain new skills. Our specialized support centres include:

CapU’s Career Development Centre can help you find employment throughout your studies and as you move into the professional world. Here you’ll find a list of Professional Associations to be part of – an integral step in building your career.

And keep an eye out for the many student associations that offer networking events, opportunities to meet industry leaders from your field of study, and social get-togethers.

Alan Jenks
Instructor, School of Kinesiology
School of Kinesiology

604 986 1911 ext. 3213
Fir Building, room FR529
Brendan Carrigan
Lab. Technician, Kinesiology
School of Kinesiology

604 986 1911 ext. 7281
Fir Building, room FR17B
Carey Simpson BHK, M.Sc.
Instructor, Kinesiology
School of Kinesiology

604 986 1911 ext. 2488
Fir Building, room FR515A
Caroline Soo B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc.
Instructor/Summer Convenor, KINE
School of Kinesiology

604 986 1911 ext. 7288
Fir Building, room FR529
Donna Perry BA, M.Sc.
Instructor, Kinesiology
School of Kinesiology

604 986 1911 ext. 3702
Fir Building, room FR517B
Emma Russell BHK., B.Ed., MA
Coordinator/Instructor, Kinesiology
School of Kinesiology

604 986 1911 ext. 3493
Fir Building, room FR519
Heather MacLeod Williams BPE, MPE
Instructor, Kinesiology
School of Kinesiology

604 986 1911 ext. 3440
Fir Building, room FR545
Jerome Genz
Instructor, Kinesiology
School of Kinesiology

604 990 7806 ext. 7806
Fir Building, room FR525
Jo-Anne Burleigh
Instructor, Kinesiology
School of Kinesiology

604 986 1911 ext. 3075
Fir Building, room FR545
Kyle Guay BHK, M.Sc.
Instructor, Kinesiology
School of Kinesiology

604 986 1911 ext. 2442
Fir Building, room FR529
Meghann Brinoni
School of Kinesiology

604 986 1911 ext. 3144
Fir Building, room FR537
Natasha Mrkic-Subotic MBA, EdD
Acting Dean, Global & Community Studies
Dean's Office - Faculty of Global and Community Studies
School of Public Administration
School of Kinesiology

604 983 7529 ext. 7529
Fir Building, room FR541
Yvonne French
DDA, Kinesiology
School of Kinesiology

604 990 7966 ext. 7966
Fir Building, room FR517A

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