The university has an annual plan for important dates and deadlines. You’ll find them listed on this page.

As a CapU student, it’s your responsibility to make note of dates and information that affect you or your courses. 

Academic schedule and important dates

This document contains all add, drop and withdrawal deadlines, university closures, registration dates, exam periods and other important academic dates and schedules.

See Academic Schedule and Important Dates archive for previous years.

Registration dates and instructions

These documents contain all current registration dates including standard add, drop and withdrawal dates.

Non-standard add, drop and withdrawal dates

If your course or courses don’t comply with the standard term dates listed in the Registration Dates and Instructions noted above, you can find the non-standard add, drop and withdrawal dates here.

Capilano University Calendar

The is our official publication of the regulations, policies, programs, requirements and course descriptions for the academic year.

We produce it each year, and the content remains unchanged from the date it’s published until the calendar for the next academic year is published. 

As a CapU student, you’re responsible for knowing and complying with the policies and requirements you’ll find in the calendar.

See Capilano University Calendar for previous years.


In order to officially graduate from CapU, students must submit an Application for Graduation Assessment. There are three opportunities per academic year to graduate from Capilano University.

Graduation-related dates, deadlines, and more detailed information are available on our page.


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