The honorary doctorate degree is the highest form of recognition granted by Capilano University and is given to acknowledge persons who are distinguished by their significant contributions and accomplishments and whose excellence will, through their association with Capilano University, bring honour to our name.

HDR Convocation

Learn more about the select group of exemplary community members who are CapU honorary doctorate degree recipients in the menu to your right.

Selection Criteria and Process

Candidates will have made outstanding contributions which are regional, provincial, national or international in scope. Candidates' contributions must be consistent with the mission and values of Capilano University.

While a candidate might not necessarily be expected to meet all the criteria, the selection committee will be attentive to these benchmarks in making its recommendations.

  • The candidate is distinguished and widely recognized in their field.
  • The candidate is an exemplar of extraordinary public service.
  • The candidate has made an outstanding and sustained achievement in their area of expertise.
  • The candidate's achievements are appropriate and relevant to Capilano University.
  • Candidates shall not have direct political, legal or budgetary authority over Capilano University.
  • Awards are seldom given posthumously.
  • A candidate would be recognized as one who shows respect towards others and is able to work effectively with a diverse group of people.
  • Recipients of honorary degrees will be asked to attend convocation ceremonies to receive their award.

Nominations to the committee must be in writing (not to exceed three pages, excluding a CV) and should include:

  • A letter explaining why the candidate is deserving of the recognition and how they meet the criteria;
  • A short biographical summary outlining their accomplishments and connection to Capilano University;
  • Contact information for the nominee and nominator;
  • Optional CV (maximum 4 pages); and

Nominations are to be submitted to the President's Office at president@capilanou.ca.

The submission deadline for nominations is December 1, 2023.