If you’re living – or have lived – as a youth in care in BC, you could qualify for financial support to cover some of the costs of your education at Capilano University.

BC Provincial Tuition Waiver Program

The BC government created the Provincial Tuition Waiver Program (PTWP) to improve access to education for former youth in care. As of August 1, 2023, the BC government has made the Provincial Tuition Waiver Program available for former youth in care of any age.

For more information about the August 2023 enhancements to the PTWP program, please see the Tuition Waiver FAQ page.

You may qualify for this funding if you were in care for a combined total of two years or more. View the eligibility requirements on the BC Ministry of Education website.

If you qualify:

  1. Apply for admission to Capilano University. 
  2. Download and complete the Provincial Tuition Waiver Program Application Form (pdf). This application form allows us to validate your eligibility for funding with the Ministry of Children & Family Development (MCFD).
  3. Submit the application form to CapU’s Student Financial Accounts Office by emailing SFA@capilanou.ca. Although the application form instructs you to submit your form to the Financial Aid Officer, please submit your form to CapU's Student Financial Accounts Office. 
  4. We’ll let you know when you’ve been approved.

If you’re approved for funding

When you’re admitted to CapU, tuition charges will be applied to your account. However, if you've been approved for funding the tuition charges will not be collected (because of the waiver).

Once you're approved for funding, you don't need to apply again while attending CapU for courses taken at this university.

Already paid your fees? You can still apply

If you’ve already paid your fees and submit the Provincial Tuition Waiver Program - Consent Form before your last class or exam for the term, your tuition fees will be refunded if you're approved for funding. Talk to the Student Financial Accounts Office (see below) if you have any questions about this.

Here’s what else you might need to know

The program covers all tuition and mandatory fees you would ordinarily be charged. 

This includes the application fee. You can request an application fee waiver before you apply by contacting Admissions at admissions@capilanou.ca.

If you’ve already paid the application fee, it will be refunded automatically when your eligibility has been confirmed by MCFD.

You can use this funding to take credit and non-credit courses leading to a certificate, diploma, credential, or undergraduate degree.

You can be taking classes part time or full time, as long as you stay enroled past the drop date for the term.

You can also use this fund to pay for courses you take during unclassified qualifying years like Arts-general and Sciences-general, and for Continuing Studies and Executive Education courses that relate to the labour market.

The funding can’t be used for graduate or post-graduate courses or programs.

Previously, the Provincial Tuition Waiver Program was available only to students between 19 and 26 years old. As of August 1, 2023, the government has eliminated this age restriction. Therefore, this program is now available to eligible former youth in care of any age.

Other resources for former youth in care

Financial aid & awards

Our advisors can help you review your specific circumstance to determine the options available.

Contact an advisor through Financial Aid & Awards

Youth Future's Education Fund

This program, held at the Vancouver Foundation, supports students who are receiving funding under the BC Provincial Tuition Waiver program and are in need of additional financial support to meet their needs.

Contact Financial Aid & Awards for more information.

Learning for Future Grant

Introduced by the provincial government on August 1, 2023, this grant of up to $3,500 per program year helps students who meet the eligibility criteria requirements of the PTWP to pay for additional costs such as textbooks, computers and supplies. Implementing the Learning for Future Grant has resulted in a transition plan to phase out the Youth Educational Assistance Fund (YEAF).

If you have been approved for PTWP funding, you can apply for the Learning for Future Grant:

  1. Download and complete the Learning for Future Declaration form (pdf).
  2. Submit your declaration form to Financial Aid & Awards via email to finaid@capilanou.ca.
  3. We’ll let you know when you’ve been approved.

Visit the Learning for Future Grant page for more information.

Youth Educational Assistance Fund (YEAF) Transition Plan

This program provides grants of up to $5,500 per program year to former BC youth in care students between 19 and 24 years of age.

With the introduction of the Learning for Future Grant, YEAF is being phased out. Therefore, the provincial government has established the Youth Educational Assistance Fund Transition Plan for all YEAF students who have applied for YEAF by July 31, 2023, and are approved.

To apply:

  1. Download and complete the YEAF Transition Plan Application Form (pdf).
  2. Submit your application form to studentfunding@gov.bc.ca.

Visit the Youth Educational Assistance Fund Transition Plan FAQ page for more information.

Agreements with Young Adults (AYA)

This program helps cover the cost of expenses such as housing, child care, tuition and health care while you go back to school, or attend a rehabilitation, vocational or approved life skills program.

Learn more on the Agreements with Young Adults (AYA) page on the Aged Out website. 

Aged Out - a website just for you

This website was created by and for youth in – and from – government care in BC. You'll find tools and information on education, health and wellness, housing, finances, personal life and more.

Aged Out - empowering youth in and from government care in BC. 

Advancing Futures Bursary – for Alberta youth who have been in care

Funding and supports are available for youth who have been in care in Alberta to pursue post-secondary studies and prepare for adulthood. Advancing Futures can cover funding for:

  • education costs
  • living allowance
  • transportation funds
  • full parent portion of subsidized child care
  • health benefit plan
  • damage deposit for an apartment

Visit the Government of Alberta's Advancing Futures Bursary page for more information.


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