CapU Course Code Description
Subject Description
ACTR Acting
ASAS Acting for Stage and Screen
BBIO Adult Basic Ed.-Biology
BCHM Adult Basic Ed.-Chemistry
BCMP Adult Basic Ed.-Computers
BENG Adult Basic Ed.-English
BFPS Adult Basic Ed.-First Peoples
BENF Adult Basic Ed.-Fund English
BMAF Adult Basic Ed.-Fund Math
BGEO Adult Basic Ed.-Geography
BHST Adult Basic Ed.-History
BMTH Adult Basic Ed.-Math
BPHY Adult Basic Ed.-Physics
BPSY Adult Basic Ed.-Psychology
BSCI Adult Basic Ed.-Science
BSOC Adult Basic Ed.-Social Studies
ADVR Advertising
ANIM Animation
ANAR Animation Arts
ANTH Anthropology
ABA Applied Behaviour Analysis
AHIS Art History
AEM Arts & Entertainment Mgmt
ASTR Astronomy
BPAC Bachelor of Performing Arts
BECP Basic Education & Career Plan
BIOL Biology
BADM Business Administration
BCPT Business Computing
BUES Business Essentials
BFIN Business Finance
BMKT Business Marketing
BTEC Business Technology
CSFF Capilano Success Family Focus
CAPS Capstone
CACC Career Access Computer
CACE Career Access English
CACL Career Access ESL
CACF Career Access Family Focus
CACM Career Access Math
CACO Career Access Orientation
CACS Career Access Student Success
CACT Career AccessTransition Skills
CDCO CDO - Computers
CDEN CDO - English
CECP CDO Education/Career Planning
CHEM Chemistry
CHIN Chinese
CINE Cinematography
CMNS Communications
CLSC Community Leadership
COMP Computing Science
COND Conducting
COST Costuming
CRIM Criminology
DSGN Design
DIGI Digital Animation
DEP Discover Employability
DOCS Documentary
EDUC Early Childhood Care & Ed.
ECON Economics
EDCP Education and Career Planning
EA Education Assistant
EEA Education Employment Access
APSC Engineering (Applied Science)
ENGL English
ESL English as a Second Language
EAP English for Academic Purposes
ENSM Ensemble
ELCT Entry Level Craft Training
ENSO Environment and Society
FDSC Field School
FINS Film Institute
FILM Film Studies
FNST First Nation
FNLG First Nation Language
FYS First-Year Seminar
FREN French
GATE Gateways
GEOG Geography
GLBS Global Stewardship
GRDF Grip Digital & Film
HCA Health Care Assistant
HIST History
HKIN Human Kinetics
IDF Indigenous Digital Filmmaking
IDST Indigenous Studies
IBUS Int'l Business and Logistics
IXD Interaction Design
INTS Interdisciplinary Studies
INMA International Management
IVPA Intradisc Visual Perf Art
JAPN Japanese
ENSJ Jazz Ensemble
JAZZ Jazz Studies
KINE Kinesiology
SDS Learner Success/Directed Study
LGST Legal Administrative Assistant
LAW Legal Studies
LBST Liberal Studies
ELDF Lighting Digital & Film
LING Linguistics
PADM Local Government Admin
MATH Mathematics
MOPA Motion Picture Arts
MUS Music
MT Music Therapy
MUTH Musical Theatre
NABU North American Business Mgmt
REC Outdoor Recreation
PHIL Philosophy
PHYS Physics
POL Political Science
PPMI Private Mus Instruct-Perform
PMIP Private Music Instruct Perform
PMI Private Music Instruction
PMTI Private Music Theatre Instruct
PSYC Psychology
RADP Rehabilitation Assistant
RMCP Retail Marketing
SCI Science
SOSC Social Science
SOC Sociology
SPAN Spanish
SEA Special Education Assistant
STAT Statistics
SAAB Study Abroad - ABA (Autism)
SABA Study Abroad - Business Admin
SACM Study Abroad - CMNS
SAEC Study Abroad - ECCE
SAHU Study Abroad - Humanities
SAID Study Abroad - IDEA
SAJS Study Abroad - Jazz Studies
SALS Study Abroad - Legal Studies
SALA Study Abroad - Liberal Arts
SAMP Study Abroad - MOPA
SASS Study Abroad - Social Sciences
SATO Study Abroad - Tourism/OREC
TECT Technical Theatre
TXTL Textile Arts
THTR Theatre
INST Theatre Institute - Directing
TOUR Tourism Management
UOF University One Foundations
USSD University Success Strat-Found
USS University Success Strategies
VISN Vision
IDES Visual Communication
VFX Visual Effects
WLP Wilderness Leadership
WGST Women's and Gender Studies
WMPI World Music Private Ins.