Change Education Series

The Change Education Series at CapU is a Capilano Faculty Association and employee-led initiative, supported by the University, that unites the CapU community against hate and racism while embracing understanding and diversity.

Why "change education"?

Tammy Murphy, the First Lady of New Jersey, called for more education around climate change to "help create a generation of climate-literate policymakers, data analysts, entrepreneurs, urban planners, researchers, anthropologists, journalists, economists, artists and more."

This series seeks to change education by creating a generation literate in the history and contributions of the ethnic and cultural diaspora in Canada.

CapU is committed to creating inclusive spaces that value everyone's rights, dignity and labour. Join us during the year for learning, dialogue and inspiration as we work together for a more equitable future.

We can’t wait to see you at these upcoming events.

Carrie Jung
“The Change Education Series was created by CapU faculty in response to anti-Asian racism during COVID-19. That movement has grown to feature Asian Heritage Month, Black History Month and Women’s History Month. Through these and other events, we build unity, celebrate diversity and commit to social justice.”
– Carrie Jung, Instructor and CFA EDI & Professional Affairs Officer

Change Education Series

Presenters at Asian Heritage Month event

Asian Heritage Month

CapU celebrates Asian Heritage Month each May, an opportunity to learn about the culture, history and impact of Asian communities.

Asian Heritage Month
Presenters at Black History Month event

Black History Month

In February, the CapU community observes Black History Month with unique events, including music, films and public talks.

Black History Month
Presenters at Women's History Month event

Women's History Month

We celebrate Women's History Month in October, connecting with the stories and lived experiences of the accomplished women at CapU.

Women's History Month

Join the Conversation

Presenter with participants at Black History Month event

Upcoming Events

Take a look at the upcoming events, programs and workshops related to the Change Education Series at CapU.

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Capsule Stories

Cathy Mount holding stack of books

Recommended Reads for Black History Month

Visit the CapU Library to explore compelling books and works of poetry by Black authors.

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Close up of mural on Birch Building Filename: Black-Hi...age.jpg

Black History Month: Celebrating the Resistance

During February, CapU is offering a full complement of arts and cultural events about Black history.

Read story
Students at an Asian Heritage Month event

Celebrating Asian Heritage Month at CapU

Two CapU Interdisciplinary Studies students explained what Asian Heritage Month means to them.

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Art and Science panel hosted by dean Tracy Penny Light during Women's History Month
Tracy Penny Light, CapU's Dean of Arts & Sciences, hosts a panel during Women's History Month.
Celebration of the closing of Asian Heritage Month with dance moves by Mamakeish
Celebrating the closing of Asian Heritage Month with some choice K-pop dance moves by Mamakeish.

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