We want our graduates to leave Capilano University empowered to take charge of their career paths and ready to stand out from the competition.

What is Cap Core?

Today's graduates need a broad knowledge base to take with them beyond university.

To thrive in a job market that is constantly evolving, university grads must be critical thinkers and excellent problem-solvers. Employers want to hire good communicators with strong interpersonal skills. As well, all graduates will have greater success if they combine these skills with social and environmental awareness.

The aim of Cap Core is to help you become a well-rounded, successful graduate, with the broad knowledge base and skills needed to support your lifelong learning and intellectual growth.

Cap Core is CapU’s general education framework. Cap Core completed by all CapU students who enroll or ladder into CapU baccalaureate degree programs of study.

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Cap Core implementation & requirements

Cap Core is a set of courses grouped by theme. Each theme contains several courses at different levels. As students progress through their programs of study, they will work through the three Cap Core themes and levels.

Effective Fall 2018, students in baccalaureate degree programs of study are required to complete 30.0 Cap Core credits as part of their baccalaureate degree requirements.

Students enrolled in undergraduate certificate and undergraduate diploma programs of study laddering into CapU baccalaureate degree program of study will typically complete Cap Core Foundation requirements and a portion of Cap Core Integration requirements while fulfilling the requirements of their programs of study.

The remaining Cap Core requirements will be met while completing their subsequent baccalaureate degree programs of study. Specifics will vary from program of study to program of study.

For more information, please contact Academic Advising.

Cap Core themes and credits

Cap Core Foundation iconFoundation (6 credits)

Establish the fundamentals in Literacy and Numeracy.

  • Normally completed in the first year
  • Baccalaureate degree programs of study require 3.0 credits each of Literacy and Numeracy

Senate-approved Literary and Numeracy courses.

Cap Core Integration iconIntegration (18 credits)

Understand the world through a variety of perspectives. 

  • At least three credits in each of the following sub-thematic areas:
    • Culture and Creative Expression
    • Science and Technology
    • Self and Society
  • May be completed throughout the baccalaureate degree program of study

Senate-approved Culture and Expression, Science and Technology and Self and Society courses.

The Integration requirement is waived for students who earn minor via a secondary program of study that requires at least 18.0 total credits.

Cap Core Practice iconProfessional Practice (6 credits)

Put what you have learned into practice through Experiential and Capstone courses.

  • Completed in the final year.

Senate-approved Capstone and Experiential courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions or contact Academic Advising.