The Senate Teaching and Learning (STL) Committee is a standing committee of the Senate and makes recommendations to Senate.  


  • To advise the Senate and provide institutional oversight on policies and practices related to teaching and learning.
  • To advise the Senate on the evaluation of the quality of teaching and learning and the assessment and evaluation of student learning.
  • To advise the Senate on educational technology and other resources that support teaching and learning, including open learning resources and practices.
  • To consult with, and to be consulted by, the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE), the Teaching and Learning Council, Information Technology (IT), the Creative Activity, Research and Scholarship (CARS) Office, the Office of Indigenous Education and Affairs, Deans, and other areas of the university on initiatives that relate to teaching and learning.
  • To establish such subcommittees as needed to fulfill the Committee's responsibilities.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Senate.

 2023 - 2024 membership

Chair of Senate Paul Dangerfield 
Vice-Chair of Senate Sue Dritmanis
Administrator Natasha Mrkic-Subotic
Faculty Lily Yen
Faculty Tahmina Shayan 
Faculty Diana Twiss (Chair)
Faculty Christine Jackson
Faculty Blake Rowsell
Librarian Krystyna Nowak
Staff Brendan Carrigan
Student Alea Rzeplinski
(Non-Voting) Members
Administrator, Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) Brit Paris
Administrator, Information Technology (IT) Darren Broder
Administrator, Creative Activity, Research and Scholarship (CARS) Dawn Whitworth 
Executive Member, Capilano Student Union Manmeet Singh
Administrator, Indigenous Education and Affairs Miranda Huron 
*one additional faculty member will be added if the Vice-Chair of Senate is not a faculty member 

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