Doug Loblaw

Douglas Loblaw has been actively involved in post-secondary education and business consulting for over 40 years in which time he had the foresight to develop a joint business degree with British Columbia Open University (BCOU), which eventually led to Capilano School of Business offering its own Bachelor of Business Administration. During his time at Capilano, Doug was a leader in many initiatives that brought students into the "real world" of business, including a store front consulting unit on Lonsdale where Cap students helped out developing strategies and tactics for North Shore businesses. He led the department as both coordinator and chair and tirelessly took on many university-wide responsibilities.

Doug studied at the University of Toronto and began his career in marketing under the guidance of his grandfather, T.P. Loblaw, founder of LOBLAW Grocerterias in Toronto 1919, Canada's first self-service grocery chain. By the time he retired, Doug had taught over 6000 classes and 18 000 students over the three campuses.

Linn Teetzel

Linn Teetzel was a member of the Capilano faculty from 1993 to 2009. In that time, she demonstrated outstanding service to the University and the local government sector in British Columbia through development of highly respected programs for working professionals and establishment of Capilano's Public Administration department. There are graduates of Linn's programs in virtually every municipality in British Columbia. Always aware of the changing needs in municipal administration in the province Linn continually up-dated and added new curriculum that brought leaders back year after year.

In 2008, the importance of Linn's contribution was recognized by the Province when she received the Lieutenant Governor's Silver medal for Excellence in Public Service.

We thank Linn for her continued service to both Capilano University and the province of British Columbia.