Learn about paying for your CapU education and the financial help that’s available.

Tuition & Fees

The costs of your education at Capilano University will include tuition and program fees, incidental fees and additional costs for supplies and equipment. 

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Other Fees

Once you’re admitted, in addition to tuition fees you’ll pay certain Incidental Fees, such as fees for student union membership and transit passes. There may also be other fees for late payment, costs for transcripts, charges for form replacements and other special services.  

Tuition (only) free courses 

Capilano University offers some courses tuition-free (other fees still apply) for Canadian citizens and permanent residents, as well as seniors.

Fee payment deadlines

You must pay tuition and fees by the deadlines posted but under certain circumstances, it may be possible to defer your fees.

Financial aid & awards

Need help planning your finances? Want to know what scholarships, loans, and bursaries are available? 

Your university education is a big investment, and you may need help figuring out your finances. We have tools, resources, and advice on budgeting for your costs and expenses – as well as information about financial aid and awards – to help you plan and pay for your education at Capilano University. 

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How to pay

You have several options for paying your tuition and fees to CapU. You can pay through online banking, in person at your bank, or through your myCapU account.

You can also pay in person at the Cashier’s Office, or through other options. Learn more at How to Pay.