Answers to the most common questions about renting The BlueShore at CapU can be found here.

The theatre has 372 seats. Due to fire regulations, no additional seats, standees or people sitting on the steps are permitted.

If you are expecting fewer than 200 patrons and are doing a film screening or don't require a stage, you can also consider renting the Bosa Centre for Film and Animation film screening room, also at Capilano University. Call 604 990 7868 for more information.

All requests must be made by email. Please be advised that open dates during our academic calendar (September to April) are limited.

Please email your request. Your email should include a description of your event to determine suitability for our theatre. New clients may be required to provide references from other venues they have rented with.

Upon approval of your booking, a non-refundable deposit of $200/rental day will be required to hold the theatre for the date(s) you wish to rent. This deposit will be applied to your final amount owing.

The rehearsal hall (located below the stage) is used primarily by Capilano University's Theatre Department for theatre classes. Generally, classes are 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays between September and April. However, if it is not in use by the Theatre Department, those renting the theatre may request to use it on their rental day for an additional cost of $125. There is absolutely no food or drink permitted in the rehearsal hall. Extra fees will apply for any additional cleaning, above and beyond standard usage. All makeup and other cosmetic stage effects must be applied in the dressing rooms and NOT in the rehearsal space.

Sorry, but the rehearsal hall is not currently available for rent on its own (independent of renting the theatre).

We require a minimum of 8 weeks in advance of your event in order to provide sufficient time for scheduling our unionized staff and for the completion of all required paperwork.

That depends. While we wish it was simpler to quickly give you a price, there are quite a few factors that determine the cost of your unique event. We have events that range from one person talking at a podium with no technology to over 100 singers and musicians on stage with special lighting, amplified sound and multiple scene changes. One price does not fit all.

The factors that affect the cost most are the length of time in the theatre, what the technical requirements of your event are, and what kind of group is producing your event—a not-for-profit group, a community group, an internal Capilano University group, a commercial entity, or a group that is filming in the theatre.

The general breakdown of costs can be found on the main Rent the Theatre page.

No. We have specially-trained unionized technicians who are familiar with and trained on the specific equipment and operations of our theatre.

For a list of what equipment we have available, please contact our Technical Supervisor. Keep in mind that any outside equipment may not be compatible with our equipment and systems. To discuss the possibility of bringing in equipment not on this list, please consult with our Technical Supervisor.

The C.I.F. helps sustain the upkeep of the building and services we are able to provide to our patrons. It is calculated based on attendance and is added to your final invoice.

Yes! With nearly 450 bookings a year, the theatre is frequently unavailable for site visits and a suitable time must be determined based on the many activities happening. Please email to speak further and coordinate a site visit.

An insurance certificate issued to the same name as on the Rental Agreement is mandatory before any event can take place.

Getting an insurance certificate can sometimes take longer than you expect, so we suggest starting right away. It is recommended that you forward the info below (from the rental agreement) to your organization's insurance company and they should know what to do. If your group doesn't already have an insurance company, insurance may be purchased through a company of your choice or through All Sport Insurance Marketing Ltd. or EventPolicy.

Note that "University" means Capilano University and that is the name needed on the insurance certificate (not "BlueShore Financial Centre for the Performing Arts" or "Capilano University Theatre" or any other form of the name).

The Facility Renter shall, without limiting its obligations or liabilities herein and at its own expense, provide and maintain the following insurances with insurers licensed in British Columbia and in forms and amounts acceptable to the University:

  • Comprehensive general liability insurance with a limit of not less than Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000.00) (or such other amount as the University may choose), inclusive per occurrence for bodily injury and property damage including loss of use thereof.
  • Such insurance shall extend to cover the Facility Renter, its officers, employees, servants, agents, contractors, and volunteers and shall include the University, its officers, employees, servants, agents and contractors as additional insureds with respect to liability arising out of the use or occupation by the Facility Renter of the Site Location.
  • The Facility Renter shall provide the University with evidence of all required insurance upon signing the Agreement.
  • Such evidence of insurance shall be in the form of a Certificate of Insurance.
  • When requested by the University, the Facility Renter shall provide certified copies of required insurance policies.

These certificates will be issued by the insurer or insurance broker of the Facility Renter and must contain the following information:

a) Name of insurance company and the binder or policy number;
b) Name and address of the Insured (Facility Renter);
c) Policy period (covering at least the period the Agreement is in place);
d) Policy limits;
e) Description of insured operations and location(s);
f) Signature of authorized representative and date.

The University may require the Facility Renter to complete the University standard Certificate of Insurance form by the Facility Renter's insurance agent.

NOTE: Policies containing exclusions regarding injury to participants of sports or dance/performances shall not be acceptable to the University.

Unfortunately, not at this time. Our listings are for our own presentations.

We are unable to provide complete box office service for our rental clients. However, if you require assistance our ticket office can print tickets for you to sell yourself. Fees for this service can be discussed with your rental.

With the exception of film screenings, all food and drink, including alcoholic beverages, are now permitted inside the auditorium. There are strict guidelines surrounding food served on campus. Alcohol is not permitted to be sold by anyone other than The BlueShore at CapU staff.

Chartwells is Capilano University's food services provider and therefore have first right of refusal for catering all events on campus. Please submit your request via email including the date, number of people and the types of food you are planning to provide.

It is advisable to mention if you are a not-for-profit or community group and that your event is taking place at the BlueShore Financial Centre for the Performing Arts. Chartwells will decide on a case-by-case basis whether they wish to cater the event or not. If they choose not to, you may bring in your own food at the discretion and approval of the BlueShore General Manager. This request must be made with at least 4 weeks notice.

Concession service is subject to staffing availability and not guaranteed. We will do our best to provide service for your event. No concession services will be provided for events that do not have an intermission. Alcohol is not permitted to be sold or served by anyone other than The BlueShore at CapU staff.

The concession offers a number of cold and hot beverages and snacks. This includes beer, wine, pop, juice, water, coffee, tea, chocolate bars and candy.

A USB stick is preferred. If that is not possible then one CD with all tracks in show order is best.

Please contact our Technical Supervisor. Please be sure to include the date of your event in your initial communication.

Our policy requires that groups renting the theatre supply 4 volunteers to act as ushers who will be directed by the Front of House Manager. They will be in assigned seats inside the theatre during the event and will be briefed on emergency evacuation procedures.

Please plan to have 4 volunteers attend the mandatory briefing with the Front of House Manager one hour before show time. Volunteers will fulfil the role of usher, which includes tasks such as taking tickets, distributing programs, helping patrons find their seats and generally maintaining the health and safety of the patrons attending the event.

Ushers will receive training from the Front of House Manager on specific duties, and their role in the unlikely event of an emergency evacuation. Ushers must be prepared to stay for the entire event.

If you know in advance that you are expecting patrons in wheelchairs or on mobility scooters, email us so we can prepare the appropriate seating area in advance.

Names of mobility-impaired guests and whether or not they have an attendant or other guests in their party are helpful in preparing and delivering great customer service.

Please contact the Security Office at 604 984 1763. Our ticket and administration office does not retain any lost and found items.


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