60(ish) Seconds: Changing it Up

School of Public Administration instructor Allison Habkirk believes remote teaching presents unique opportunities.


There are lots of reasons to be excited about teaching online this fall but mostly I’m excited about the opportunities and challenges that our current situation is offering us.

It’s forcing us to change it up, to try new things and to work even harder to support students and high performance learning.  
I’m particularly excited about using the whiteboard in our synchronous classroom. Having a whiteboard is like having a giant flipchart in your classroom that everybody can write on at the same time.

You can draw something, you can write something, you can comment to another student’s comment. The content can be thoughtful, it could be a question, or it could be silly. It’s super fun and really creative.  
Who knows where this will take us but for sure this is one way everyone — even the shy and quiet students — can fully participate in our class. I’m looking forward to exploring this and other technologies and seeing how they can support learning in the fall in ways we never imagined possible.