3.00 credits

(4,0,0) hrs

15 wks

All business leaders must know how to manage projects and yet it is the least understood of important and fundamental leader attributes. A project can be defined as any activity that is not repetitive. It can be as small as the implementation of a word processing system, or as large as the designing, building and equipping of a new industrial complex, such as an oil refinery. Project management is the mechanism by which organizations cope with the introduction of new systems, products and processes, and any changes outside the normal day-to-day operations. This essential ability is the key to the survival of most enterprises. The goal of this course is the cover all aspects of project management: qualitative and quantitative with many practical examples in both business and technology.


60 post-secondary credits

Course Notes

This course is equivalent to NABU 318. Duplicate credit will not be granted for this course and NABU 318.