In order to graduate, students must complete a minimum of 120.00 credits, maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.00, and meet Cap Core, program, Capilano University residency, and Bachelor of Arts Curricular requirements. Program credit requirement: one major, major/minor or two minors.

English Requirement Required 

Must include 3 credits of ENGL 100 (completed within the first 30 credits) and 3 additional credits of ENGL.  


Arts Credit Requirement Required

The Arts Credit Requirement is fulfilled through the completion of 65 credits of 100-level or higher coursework from within the Faculty of Arts & Sciences that have been designated as Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences; or the corresponding transfer credits. Must include 24 credits consisting of a minimum of 3 credits in at least four disciplines outside of the major program area, one of which must be at the 300-level or higher. The 24 credit breadth requirement is waived for majors requiring courses in multiple disciplines.


Language Requirement Required

Other than English

All BA students will demonstrate competency in a language other than English equivalent to BC high school Grade 11. Students meet competency by one of the following:

  • Successful completion of any Grade 11 course with a minimum B grade in an approved language other than English while in secondary school; or

  • Successful completion of any secondary immersion program or secondary school at an institution at which the primary language of instruction is not English; or

  • Successful completion of a post-secondary credential awarded by an institution at which the primary language of instruction is not English; or

  • Successful completion of 3.00 credits of a post-secondary level course in a language other than English.


Quantitative/Analytical Requirement Required

Minimum of 3 credits in a Quantitative/Analytical course approved by the Senate Curriculum Committee.


Science Requirement Required

3 credits of a Laboratory science and a minimum 3 credits in Science.


Upper-Level Requirement Required

Minimum of 45.00 of the total credits with courses numbered 300-level or higher.