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This helpful page offers explanations of concepts you'll become familiar with as a CapU student. Our academic advisors can provide more information on any of these areas.

Academic requirements factors to consider

Academic standing is designed to provide feedback to students at the end of each term regarding their term/cumulative standing to help understand their academic progress. Students are notified in a time sensitive manner that allows the opportunity to seek academic assistance to remain in good academic standing.

For more information, see Academic Standing Policy (pdf) or speak with an Academic Advisor.

There are many programs at Capilano University that require students to take breadth electives. Breadth electives allow you to take courses outside of your program of study, so you can learn and experience different ways of looking at your academic work and your world. Some programs have a list of approved breadth electives that count towards your credential while others do not. If you are unsure of what to take, ask an Academic Advisor or your department.

If you want to change your program, you will need to apply to be re-admitted in the university. International students must check with the Centre for International Experience (CIE) prior to changing programs. We encourage all students changing their program to meet with an Academic Advisor, so that we can map out what that will look like.

A co-requisite is a course which must be taken at the same time as another course (please see example below).

Graphic of course selection for Introductory Biology

If a course has a pre-requisite, it means certain academic requirements must be met before taking the course (please see the example below). Courses that are in progress at the time of registration will satisfy prerequisites.

You can check for course prerequisites in your myCapU Account and the Find a Program or Course search.

Infographic for Advanced Business Writing and Editing

All programs that lead to a Capilano University Credential have specific GPA requirements. While some programs also have a continuation GPA requirement. Please refer to the University Calendar to check the cumulative GPA, program GPA and continuation GPA requirements for your program.

Most Bachelor Degree programs require 3.00 credits of Q/A courses. Refer to your program profile in the University Calendar to check if your program requires a Q/A course. A list of all our Q/A courses are available at Quantitative Analytical Courses.

If you have taken a course that is required for your program and did not successfully pass the course, you may re-take the course for up to a maximum of three attempts. A "repeat override" is required from your department/Instructor in the third attempt.

If you have taken a course that is not required for your program, and did not successfully pass the course, speak with an Academic Advisor to determine other courses that can be taken instead of repeating the failed course.

Capilano University takes the higher grade of the repeated course when calculating the GPA. However, the old grade cannot be removed from your transcript.


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