SCI 410 The Science of Sound and Light




An introduction to the study of sound and light from a scientific perspective. This course examines the properties of waves, which apply to both sound and light, as well as topics specific to each of the two fields. For sound, these will include hearing, pitch and timbre, resonance, music and musical instruments, the human voice, acoustics, noise, and the human ear. For light, topics will include colour, reflection and refraction, optical instruments, images, and the human eye.


45 credits of post-secondary education at 100-level or higher

Course Notes

SCI 410 is an approved Quantitative/Analytical course for baccalaureate degrees. SCI 410 is an approved Science course.

While familiarity and facility with mathematics to the high school grade 10-11 level will be helpful, a primer on the mathematical skills required will be included. Graphs will be used whenever possible to visually represent mathematical information.


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