ASTR 142 Introduction to Cosmology – The Story of the Universe




A qualitative study of the universe as a whole: its birth, growth, shape, size and eventual fate. Cosmological principles underlying current knowledge are presented. The "Big Bang", cosmic microwave background and nucleosynthesis are described. The expansion of the universe is presented with predictions for the Universe's fate. The relative nature of space and time, the evidence for dark matter and dark energy and competing theories seeking to explain the nature of the universe are discussed.


Precalculus 12 (pass) or Principles of Math 12 (pass) or Precalculus 11 (B); or Principles of Math 11 (B); or Foundations of Mathematics 11 (A); or MATH 105 (pass). MATH 105 may be taken concurrently.

Course Notes

ASTR 142 is an approved Numeracy course for Cap Core requirements. ASTR 142 is an approved Science and Technology course for Cap Core requirements.

ASTR 142 is an approved Quantitative/Analytical course for baccalaureate degrees. ASTR 142 is an approved Science course.

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