60(ish) Seconds: Fake News and Journalism

Fake news isn’t just about the Donald Trump era, says Graham Cook. Journalism’s current decline can be traced back to well before the advent of social media.

fake news

The Donald Trump era saw the popularization of the phrase “fake news.” But fake news isn’t really about Donald Trump. It’s not even really about social media.

Instead, fake news has deeper roots that go back even before the creation of social media platforms like Facebook.

If we go back a few decades, we see the beginning of cuts to mainstream newsrooms. We see the disengagement between the public and politicians. And we see the loss of the civic purpose of journalism and the news.


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So with the advent of social media, with the advent of digital news, in some ways, some of those processes have become intensified.

But at the same time, we have some new tools, some new possibilities, for re-creating the media system in a more democratic way. A more citizen-led way: really re-creating the news from the bottom-up.