Information about Capilano University's vision for the main campus in the year 2030.

Photo of exterior of the Birch Building

The Capilano University Campus Master Plan (pdf) articulates a shared vision for the future of the University campus. It defines a strategy and provides a long-term framework for the campus in the year 2030. This plan articulates evolution and development of the campus, with specific direction for the integration of current and future capital project initiatives. The vision articulated in the Campus Master Plan will help to ensure that Capilano University continues to provide life-enhancing learning experiences in diverse and inclusive environments.

Capilano University is surrounded for the most part by residential neighbourhoods, large forested areas and parks. Key features of the surrounding community include parks, schools, places of worship, emergency services and community centres. Current development projects occurring in the Lynn Creek and Maplewood neighborhoods will provide increased opportunities for synergies and connections.

Future Campus Statement (December 16, 2020)

Capilano University's main campus is inspired by nature and honours the spirit of the surrounding forest and mountains. This campus respects the history of the Indigenous relationship to these lands and celebrates their continued presence here. The main campus' physical form assists CapU to deliver on its academic mission.

It responds to the context of the Pacific Northwest, and the built form integrates seamlessly into the lush surrounding landscape. The campus is highly walkable and connected, all week long and all year round. The campus is welcoming and accessible to all. The campus is a living lab with outdoor classrooms and learning opportunities that help to embody a commitment to sustainability and wellness.

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