Capilano University has five student speakers addressing graduates at the 2024 Convocation Ceremonies.

A student addressing an audience at convocation

Selected student speakers will present their addresses live at their specific ceremony. Learn more about this group of exceptional CapU graduates below.

2024 CapU Convocation Speaker Vishal Prem Jagarapu.

Bachelor of Business Administration, Faculty of Business and Professional Studies

Vishal Prem Jagarapu is graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration with dual concentrations in marketing and business information management and analytics.

He was the President of the Capilano Marketing Association and also a member of the Capilano Students’ Union during that time. Vishal was part of teams that placed second in the American Marketing Association (AMA) Case competition and fifth in an undergraduate research competition with AMA - incredible accolades where close to 400 universities all over North America compete every year.

He was also part of the team that won the inaugural Capilano University/Langara College Accounting Case competition. He has received academic honours and has appeared on the merit list.

Vishal’s university experience was filled with challenges and unexpected turns, especially as an international student. He has learned the power of resilience and adaptability, which has been crucial to achieving and moving forward under any circumstance.

He’s also learned the importance of collaboration and networking. Building strong connections with peers, professors and industry professionals has enriched his learning and opened doors to exciting opportunities and partnerships.

Vishal is deeply grateful and thankful for his family and friends to support him through this entire journey. He also expresses his heartfelt thanks to Andrea Eby for her unwavering support and, instructors for their mentorship, knowledge sharing and guidance throughout his educational journey at CapU.

2024 CapU Convocation Speaker Devon Kular.

Bachelor of Legal Studies, Faculty of Business and Professional Studies

Devon Kular is graduating with a Bachelor of Legal Studies. Devon moved to North Vancouver in 2019 and lived in CapU’s student housing for the first three years of his degree.

Devon became involved in community life in residence and was a residence advisor for two years. During the pandemic, Devon joined the student affairs team as an assistant with the Student Life Hub and became an active health mentor to students and faculty with the Move More North Shore program.

Devon was a member of CapU’s American Marketing Association team and was on the environmental sustainability team with Enactus.

Devon is thankful for the intimate classroom setting at CapU and the instructors who valued his success throughout the program. None of this would have been possible without the support of his mother, John Umunna, Peter Symons and his classmates.

2024 CapU Convocation Speaker Sanali Ratnaweera.

Bachelor of Early Childhood Care and Education, Faculty of Education, Health and Human Development and Faculty of Global and Community Studies

Sanali Ratnaweera is graduating with a Bachelor of Early Childhood Care and Education degree and has consistently been on the dean’s list.

Throughout her time at CapU, Sanali worked as a student mentor supporting first-year students with disabilities and learning challenges in their academic work and at social engagements.

In her third year of studies, Sanali was selected to lead a research project to learn how CapU can increase access to post-secondary programs and social opportunities for students with disabilities and learning challenges.

Sanali knows the importance of creating welcoming spaces for dialogue, questions and ideas. She has worked with the Museum & Archives of North Vancouver, presenting her long-term research inquiry about ongoing colonialism displayed in public art and the importance of education. She was also featured in an exhibit called “Encounters with public art: Decolonizing literacies of self, place, and education.”

From a young age, Sanali had a passion to be a teacher. After high school, she moved to Ontario to pursue her goal of becoming an elementary teacher and to do so as fast as possible. With the challenges of the pandemic, heavy workloads and large academic pressure, she found herself back on the North Shore at CapU where she was able to develop her technical skills, network and establish a grounding foundation. Through her experience, she learned that everyone has their own story and pathway.

Sanali will continue her education at UBC in the Bachelor of Education program to pursue her dream of being an elementary teacher while keeping doors open to research. She would like to thank CapU, faculty, the School of Access & Academic Preparation, her family and friends.

2024 CapU Convocation Speaker Alexandra Sloman.

Associate of Science Degree - Biology, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Alexandra began her Associate of Science degree in 2022 with a bang by making it onto the dean’s list in her first term. Her decision to pursue a science degree was spurred by the loss of a close friend and her lifelong desire to pursue a career in veterinary medicine.

Her studies have allowed her to combine research with creative flair. Like, for example, designing a custom tin-can telephone for a physics project that earned her top marks!

The most important lessons Alexandra has learned on her academic journey at CapU have not been from any textbook:

  1. You are not defined by your studies or academics! Life is enriching when you take the time to enjoy the small moments with the people you love or doing the things you truly enjoy.
  2. Always go for gold! You’ll surprise yourself with how much you are capable of.

Alexandra would like to extend thanks to those who were fundamental in her success over the last two years.

First, all the friends she made at CapU that inspired her with their own interests and pursuits and with whom she shared many laughs (and tears). Second, her husband who may not have been able to help her through the rigors of a degree, but who always believed she could do it. She‘d like to thank her instructors who encouraged her to be the best student she could be.

Finally, Alexandra would like to thank herself for taking all the imparted words of wisdom to heart and seeing through the self-doubt on her journey to success.

2024 CapU Convocation Speaker Natasha Lee.

Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts

After four years spent roaming the halls of the Birch Building, Natasha Lee is graduating with a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication degree.

She originally enrolled in the IDEA School of Design with her heart set on becoming an illustrator, only to discover her love for branding and advertising after exploring the classes and workshops at CapU.

Her greatest accomplishment lies in the body of work she produced during her time at CapU, amassing over 17 awards and recognitions in national and international student competitions for her illustration, branding and design work. Natasha is also an avid illustrator for the Capilano Courier and had the pleasure of speaking at the 2024 Capilano Student Research Symposium.

The most important lesson she learned during her studies is that projects are never truly “done” when you are a student. Many of her successful endeavours did not stem from the assignments she completed in class, but rather the ones that she continued to refine long after they were due. It is this mindset of constant learning and improvement that Natasha finds vital to being creative.

Natasha would like to thank her incredible teachers, supportive family and amazing cohort in the IDEA School of Design for raising her into the creative she is today.

After graduation, she hopes to continue pushing forward big ideas through whatever mediums she works in—whether it is children’s book illustrations, poster series or advertising campaigns.

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