Mark Battersby

Mark Battersby was a member of the Philosophy department at Capilano University for 38 years until his retirement in 2013.

He served as coordinator of the Philosophy department on two occasions and chair of Humanities. He led the College as the first chair of the Education Council (which preceded the Senate), served as the first faculty representative on the College Board and served twice as president of the Faculty Association.

Battersby was a respected and dedicated teacher, hailed by students for his passion for philosophy and his compassion for them as learners. He was considered ahead of his time when he led the introduction of critical thinking courses to Capilano. He developed and implemented the first computer program to teach critical thinking at Cap and founded and chaired an organization that led to critical thinking being included in B.C.'s K-12 curriculum.

Battersby was also a prescient thought leader on learning outcomes, working with the Centre for Curriculum to develop and promote province-wide curriculum reform. Battersby has written two books on critical thinking and philosophy: Is that a Fact: A field guide to evaluating statistical and scientific information; and (with Sharon Bailin, PhD) Reason in the Balance. He has also authored many articles published in peer-reviewed journals. Battersby continues to educate others as a keynote speaker at conferences around the world.

Colleagues describe Battersby as always being prepared and razor sharp in his analysis, as well as gracious and humorous. He has led numerous philosophy cafés in North Vancouver and Vancouver.

Mark Battersby and his wife of 46 years have six children and eight grandchildren all of whom are central to his life.