Envisioning 2030 finds its spirit in a unique synergy between a renewed institution inspired by imagination and unprecedented engagement with the communities we serve. Through our efforts, a distinct and meaningful university experience, supporting a healthier and happier campus community, can grow.

Our Vision: Inspired by Imagination

Capilano University transforms the lives of learners, employees and communities with experiences and engagement opportunities to actualize their passion and potential.

We are a dynamic and accountable place of thought and action that inspires imagination, prioritizes health and well-being and positively contributes to people and the planet.


At Capilano University we cultivate life-enhancing learning experiences in diverse and inclusive environments.

Our programs proactively respond to our fast-evolving world by sharing and creating relevant knowledge and timely skill development opportunities.

We are committed to partnering with communities for the greater good and for generations to come.

We will continuously reflect on and learn from our decisions and achievements to effectively advance our commitment to co-create a distinct university experience.

In this way, we will improve learning and research opportunities and the health and well-being of learners and employees.


  • Innovation as a result of curiosity and imagination;
  • Commitment to Truth and Reconciliation, Indigenization and decolonizing approaches;
  • Collaboration, authenticity and belonging;
  • Health and well-being as a cornerstone of our culture;
  • Transparency and honesty in everything we do; and 
  • Sustainable actions to enable a better place for future descendants.

A Healthier, Happier Campus Community

Imagining the future of CapU

How CapU students embrace imagination

2030 Goals and Priorities

In a world of accelerating change, evolving learner demographics, new pathways, needs and aspirations, CapU must become increasingly agile.

We will focus our efforts on three key components of our vision: Imagination, Community and Distinct University Experience.

The synergy between the transformative power of imagination and engagement with communities will enable us to co-create a distinct university experience for learners, employees and communities.

Imagination stimulates our thinking, ideas and appreciation of new realities beyond our immediate experience.

It provides a limitless sense of freedom, as assumptions are challenged when we are open and collaborating with each other.

At Capilano University, imagination is seen as an individual and collective ability that enables continuous growth.

  • Goal 1 – Learners, employees, alumni and communities embrace imagination as the foundational driver of positive change and innovation.
  • Goal 2 – Use imagination to drive CapU’s digital transformation.

Capilano University’s local mandate is to serve the North Shore, the Sea-to-Sky corridor and the Sunshine Coast, home of five First Nations traditional and unceded territories.

In the years to come, we will commit time and resources to gradually reduce the boundaries that have separated the University from the communities it serves, collaboratively closing the gap to improve our relationships and service through engagement, relevant programming and effective problem solving.

  • Goal 1 – Identify and implement novel approaches to build closer connections and engagement with the communities we serve.
  • Goal 2 – Imagine and develop sustainable actions to minimize our ecological footprint.
  • Goal 3 – Instill a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion in all of our operations and outreach.

Innovative educational approaches, relevant programming, collaborative community projects and creative physical and virtual spaces will contribute to a culture of health and well-being.

Supported by groundbreaking processes and new financial support, we will change the ways in which we relate to people, knowledge and resources.

  • Goal 1 - Collaboratively instill a new Capilano University culture around the set of values outlined in the 2020–2030 Plan.
  • Goal 2 - Provide learners with imaginative, unique and life-enhancing learning experiences that give them the opportunity to actualize their passion and potential.
  • Goal 3 - Fulfil Capilano University’s health and wellness commitments as outlined in the Okanagan Charter.
  • Goal 4 - Indigenize and decolonize education and campuses, including First Nations language, culture and knowledge.
  • Goal 5 - Develop and implement infrastructure plans to support Envisioning 2030 in accordance with the Campus Master Plan framework and guidelines.
  • Goal 6 - Instill a culture of reflective practice and continuous improvement for learners and employees.


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