CapU 2024 Honorary Degree recipient Lisa Wolverton.

Doctor of Laws, honoris causa

Co-Owner, Pacific Investment Corporation; President, Forward Global Canada & Wolverton Family Foundation

Lisa Wolverton is one of three owners of Pacific Investment Corporation, a family-owned real estate holdings and investment firm, holding multiple governance roles within the company. She also leads the family’s private foundation, the Wolverton Foundation, headquartered in Vancouver.

The foundation is dedicated to elevating exposure to the arts and facilitating artistic programs for children who would otherwise be excluded from these opportunities. Notably, it has housed The Sarah McLachlan School of Music, its primary grantee partner, for over a decade.

Beyond her family business, Lisa serves as the president of Forward Global Canada, overseeing Canadian membership development for its parent organization, Forward Global. This global community of 400 philanthropic funders is dedicated to addressing today’s challenges through education, community engagement and actionable initiatives.

Lisa also contributes to various boards and councils. She sits on the board of directors for The Fuller Project, a global newsroom focused on catalyzing positive change for women.

She was a member of the Council of Advocates for the Freedom Fund, striving to eradicate slavery and exploitation worldwide, and was involved with the President’s Council of the International Crisis Group.

A passionate advocate for youth, Lisa served on the board of directors of UNICEF Canada, Family Services of the North Shore, and mentored for the Loran Scholarship Foundation of Canada. With roots on the North Shore, Lisa is an admired philanthropist and respected leader where CapU’s campuses are located.