The Bachelor of Arts Degree Framework provides the template upon which Bachelor of Arts degrees at Capilano University are developed. Students should be aware of both the specific course requirements of their degree program as well as the general requirements of the degree framework.

In order to graduate, students must complete a minimum of 120.00 credits, maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.00, and meet Cap Core, program, Capilano University residency, and Bachelor of Arts Curricular requirements. Program credit requirement: one major, major/minor, or two minors.

    English Requirement Required 

    Must include 3 credits of ENGL 100 (completed within the first 30 credits) and 3 additional credits of ENGL.  


    Arts Credit Requirement Required

    The Arts Credit Requirement is fulfilled through the completion of 65 credits of 100-level or higher coursework from within the Faculty of Arts & Sciences that have been designated as Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences; or the corresponding transfer credits. Must include 24 credits consisting of a minimum of 3 credits in at least four disciplines outside of the major program area, one of which must be at the 300-level or higher. The 24 credit breadth requirement is waived for majors requiring courses in multiple disciplines.


    Language Requirement Required

    Other than English

    All BA students will demonstrate competency in a language other than English equivalent to BC high school Grade 11. Students meet competency by one of the following:

    • Successful completion of any Grade 11 course with a minimum B grade in an approved language other than English while in secondary school; or

    • Successful completion of any secondary immersion program or secondary school at an institution at which the primary language of instruction is not English; or

    • Successful completion of a post-secondary credential awarded by an institution at which the primary language of instruction is not English; or

    • Successful completion of 3.00 credits of a post-secondary level course in a language other than English.


    Quantitative/Analytical Requirement Required

    Minimum of 3 credits in a Quantitative/Analytical course approved by the Senate Curriculum Committee.


    Science Requirement Required

    3 credits of a Laboratory science and a minimum 3 credits in Science.


    Upper-Level Requirement Required

    Minimum of 45.00 of the total credits with courses numbered 300-level or higher.