CapU uses a letter grade system to determine your grade point average (GPA), as in the table below.

To view your final grades, you'll need to log in to your myCapU account and go to Student Services > Student Records > Final Grades.

You can find more information about the grading system including definitions of GPA, withdrawal, audit, and academic standing in the current Capilano University Calendar under Grading System.

Grade Numerical Range in % or Definition Grade Point Equivalent
A+ 90-100 4.33
A 85 -89 4.00
A- 80-84 3.67
B+ 77-79 3.33
B 73-76 3.00
B- 70-72 2.67
C+ 67-69 2.33
C 63-66 2.00
C- 60-62 1.67
D 50-59 1.00
F 49 and below 0.00
AD Audit Denied Not Calculated
AEG Aegrotat Calculated
AU Audit Not Calculated
CR Credit Granted Not Calculated
NC No Credit Granted Not Calculated
I Incomplete Not Calculated
CON In Progress. Continues in next term. Not Calculated
NGR No Grade Reported Not Calculated
W Withdrawn Not Calculated
WE Withdrawn with Extenuating Circumstances Not Calculated
NA Not Attending. Use of NA was withdrawn as of September 1994 Not Calculated

Recognizing the impacts of the global COVID-19 situation upon students, Capilano University introduced an additional option to its grading system for the Spring 2020 term (see Spring 2020 Final Grade Options for Students & Emergency Bursary Fund for official announcement).

All students in eligible courses were provided with a choice in the final grade that they receive. Students who passed their course(s) may choose to receive:

  • the final grade they earn OR
  • a grade of CR (credit)

A grade of CR means the student is receiving credit for the course. A CR grade will also count towards program completion and credit totals, but will not impact a student's GPA. The deadline for students to request a change to CR was August 31, 2020.

Similarly, failing grades for eligible courses were not counted in a student's GPA for the Spring term. Instead, a student's transcript for a failed course was recorded as NC (no credit).

Students do not receive credit for the course, but it does not impact their academic standing at the University.


Courses that ended on or after March 14, 2020 were eligible for the grading option. For a list of eligible courses, see Spring 2020 Grading Option – Eligible Courses.

Any students that completed their courses on or before March 13,2020 were subject to standard CapU grading.

The final grade appeal process offers an option of recourse to a Student with substantive reason or believe that an inappropriate final grade has been assigned for a credit course can submit a Final Grade appeal.

Please visit Final Grade Appeals for further information.