Here is the step-by-step process of reporting incidents of sexual violence.

As a companion to this guide, you can also download our Sexual Violence Reporting Process Infographic (pdf).

  1. Reaching out

    If a student has experienced sexual violence, the first step is emailing disclosures@capilanou.ca or calling 604 986 1911, ext. 3046 to connect with a Student Support Advisor (SSA).

    SSAs can explore student's support needs, provide on and off campus support resources and inform the student about reporting options.

    Reporting is not mandatory. Support is available to anyone who makes a disclosure.

  2. Reporting

    If a student chooses to report, they will be referred to the Student Rights and Responsibilities Advisor (SRRA) who will meet with the student and evaluate if the incident falls under the scope of the University's (pdf).

    A sexual violence report does not go into a student's permanent record and does not impact a student's ability to study, work and live in Canada.

  3. Investigation

    If there is a potential policy violation, a formal investigation will follow, with consent from the student, now referred to as the complainant (a survivor choosing to report).

    The investigation is typically conducted by the Student Rights and Responsibilities Advisor in a confidential and trauma/violence informed manner.

    The investigation involves meeting with the respondent (the person against whom a report has been made) and potential witnesses (if any).

    Interim measures may be imposed prior to the completion of the investigation for the safety of the individuals involved.

    The investigation process typically takes 2-3 weeks. In cases where more time is required, both the complainant & respondent will be informed.

    The Student Rights and Responsibilities Advisor will meet the respondent to share the details of the report, hear their response, go over interim measures (if any) and provide support options.

    A summary of the meeting with the respondent will be added to the report.

    Breaking the interim measures, or confidentiality of the investigation can lead to punitive measures.

    Both the complainant and the respondent will be given 5 business days to provide any additional information relevant to the investigation such as online communications or other forms of evidence, if any.

    Both the complainant's & respondent's rights will be respected throughout the process.

  4. Determination of Outcome

    Based on the findings of the investigation, if the incident of sexual violence is more likely than not to have occurred, a decision will be made by AVP Student Success and communicated to both parties. Both parties have the right to appeal, should they wish.

    The outcome of the investigation is confidential and is not shared with anyone external to the investigation process.

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Reporting Process Infographic

Download the Sexual Violence Reporting Process Infographic (pdf).

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For general inquiries and guidance on the reporting process, contact Student Rights and Responsibilities Advisor at studentconduct@capilanou.ca.


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