External parties who wish to book a room at CapU should review the information found on this page before submitting a request via the Room Booking Request Form.

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At all times, CapU's academic and administrative activities take priority over all space rental requests.

Room booking requests made by external parties can only be accommodated after the University has finalized the academic schedule for its courses and exams which means a booking can typically only be made approximately 4-5 months in advance or during the current semester.

For booking requests beyond this period, please submit a request within this window of your required date or feel free to inquire about the current booking period and when future bookings can be made.

Deposits may be required as part of a room booking and will be set out in the contract.

All room bookings require proof of general liability insurance with a minimum insurance coverage amount of two million dollars ($2,000,000).

Proof of insurance must be provided to CapU prior to the date of your activity, otherwise, your booking may be subject to cancellation. Additional requirements regarding this insurance requirement will be set out in the contract.

External parties must bring their own personal devices. Unfortunately, CapU's computers are not available for external parties to use.

Room bookings include the use of audio visual equipment found in the room. There are some slight variations in equipment depending on the room but most rooms have a podium, overhead projector, screen, speakers.

Personal devices may be connected via HDMI input. Additional audio visual equipment may be rented, subject to fees and availability. If you have other audio visual equipment needs, please inquire prior to submitting a booking request.

CapU does not provide technical support for personal devices nor supply cables or adapters (e.g. HDMI, dongle) which may be required to connect personal devices to CapU's equipment.

Guest Wi-Fi is available and included in all bookings. Additional information will be provided once your booking is reviewed and confirmed.

Use of CapU IT resources is subject to the Acceptable Use and Security of IT Policy (pdf).

With some exceptions, most rooms have built-in whiteboards and furniture that can be configured into a different seating arrangement depending on needs (e.g. U-shape, hollow square, etc.).

If your booking requires a specific room set-up, or has other requirements, please indicate this in your booking request for consideration.

Please visit Our Locations for information about parking at CapU's campuses.

Please visit Smoking & Vaping on Campus for information on smoking and vaping while on CapU's campuses.

For bookings on CapU's Main Campus, catering must be arranged through CapU's on-site food services provider and no outside food/beverages is permitted.

Sunshine Coast campus and CapU Lonsdale do not have on-site catering available and outside catering may be permitted, subject to CapU's approval in advance.

Additional information will be provided once your booking request has been reviewed and confirmed.

Liquor service and consumption is not permitted. Should you wish to serve or consume liquor as part of your booking, you must obtain CapU's approval in advance and provide proof that you have complied with all legal requirements.

If changes to a confirmed booking is required, please contact CapU via email to supportservices@capilanou.ca.

CapU will try to accommodate the requested changes, subject to availability and changes in rental fees, if any. Any changes approved by CapU will be confirmed in writing.

Requests for cancellations must be in writing and may be subject to a cancellation fee. Please contact CapU via email to supportservices@capilanou.ca, as soon as possible.

In the event medical or first aid attention is required and/or loss or damage to CapU property occurs, please immediately notify Campus Security by calling 604 984 1763.

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